Daily Archives: September 4, 2019

Wordy Wednesday

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Hey Budd where is mom?  She’s been getting out with dad for a couple of days.  She’s doing fantastic. I think she’s wheeling herself around the living room.  I heard some laughing in that direction. She might be out in the garden before the snow.  She did have that set back when she decided to visit the backsplash store, the deli and go grocery shopping.  Bet she wished she hadn’t.  She was unable to walk for days.  I guess she learned a valuable lesson.  Hoomans are like that….they don’t know how to relax like us.                                                             

Hey, there’s some dude coming down the Lane. Quick get in the yard!

Ohh, my hip! This gate must have warped with the rain. I’m not so hippy that I had problems before. Cheap gate!                                                     

I smell him….he’s ok. It’s the woofie from across the Lane. He’s nice. Gave me some of his water when I was thirsty. He has the loudest laugh in the Lane. 

No kidding,  the first time he laughed I almost coughed up a hairball!  Wow!  Talk about the life of the Lane.  Anyway, he’s safe to let pass.

Where’s Shoko?  She’s working on her Meezer Philosophies.  She was on the internet last night.  Just in there pounding on the keys.  Yeah, she wrote a bunch of letters that ran together so she had to scrunch up her paws to get the right effect.  I think she found some really old sayings of our ancestors.  What gets me is these sayings are very valuable but one has to really think deeply about some of them.    There’s no fuzz growing between her ears.                                                        “When in doubt, lick your shoulder.  Makes them wonder what deep thoughts you’re pondering.” 


September the 19th is “Talk Like Ye Pirate,”  me blowhards.                                                                            

Join us you Fuzzy Furries.