Tyebe Tuesday a Happy Day

Woah, this fly is a busy bee, MOL….funny. I’m a gas!  MOL

I’ve been looking all over for it. Dang I can hear it but can’t see it.

There it is….I’ll just dive under this mess on mom’s desk. Mouse crap…..I missed! Ohh my, I sure made a crappy mess. Maybe mom won’t notice the papers I ripped. Mum’s the word…..MOL

Here’s the little bug..r. Right here behind the monitor.

Aww…it flew away. I hate the sick buzzing it makes.


Stupid fly. He just keeps buzzing about. I’ll have a nap and then catch the fool.

It’s Tyebe Tuesday so we will join Comedy Plus in their Happy Tuesday.    Simply click on Happy Tuesday, Tyebe Tueday or the badge and take the shortcut over there.                                                 


Here’s Shoko right on time for Meezer Proverbs.                                                 


What do you get when you cross a chick with an alley cat?


44 thoughts on “Tyebe Tuesday a Happy Day

  1. Zoolatry

    OhNo … the ZH once had a fly get stuck in her ear! Talk about BUZZING and LOUD buzzing! She actually had to go to the ER to have them get it out of there … it raddled her brain (which is normally quite raddled anyway) … bad, bad …


  2. Xena and Lucy

    We leave the flies alone cause we like to watch Daddy try to kill them.
    Hey, Shoks, could we add either dogs or schnauzers (who, I am told, have some catlike qualities), or honorary geezers to your proverb, please? Xox Xena


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      An honourary geezer meezer. Wouldn’t that be Shoks? (claps her paws together) I really am a riot today. I see Shoks doesn’t think so….she’s giving me the spooky eye!

      Xena and Lucy, these proverbs are for all animals with fur and whiskers. They just come out of the ancient meezer vaults.


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  3. Charles Huss

    I hope you catch the little bugger. Our boys are good little bug catchers and we rarely have a problem with them. If a cockroach enters our house it is dealt with very swiftly. I think shelters should list “exterminator” as one of the reasons for adopting a cat.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Of course there are those cats that WILL NOT attack certain bugs. I, myself,
      have never seen a cockroach. I imagine Shoks has but not me. Shoko won’t touch a spider. Mom likes them so Shoks will not go near one. Me? I’m still fussing about this cockroach. Is it as long as its name? Don’t think I’d like it. Budd is a pacifist. He makes friends with the bugs.



      1. Charles Huss

        Cockroaches are very common here in Florida. People who don’t clean up after themselves end up infested but even the cleanest people get them sometimes.


  4. The Island Cats

    Flies can be so annoying. We had one in the house yesterday. It was found dead on the floor today. We’re not saying what happened.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      They probably don’t like the taste. I guess it depends on what the fly has been eating. I hear they tend to eat waste from human and animals. Disgusting, I wouldn’t eat those stinky things either.



  5. BellaDharma'ss LadyMeow

    Mew mew mew a Peepin Tom!! Now that iss furry funny Shoko! An yore proverb iss furry true.
    Tyebee you tried yore best to get buzzy fly! They drive mee crazey too!
    LadyMoew laffed over yore werdss ‘mouse crap’….shee sure iss funny too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma



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