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Tyebe Tuesday a Happy Day

Woah, this fly is a busy bee, MOL….funny. I’m a gas!  MOL

I’ve been looking all over for it. Dang I can hear it but can’t see it.

There it is….I’ll just dive under this mess on mom’s desk. Mouse crap…..I missed! Ohh my, I sure made a crappy mess. Maybe mom won’t notice the papers I ripped. Mum’s the word…..MOL

Here’s the little bug..r. Right here behind the monitor.

Aww…it flew away. I hate the sick buzzing it makes.


Stupid fly. He just keeps buzzing about. I’ll have a nap and then catch the fool.

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Here’s Shoko right on time for Meezer Proverbs.                                                 


What do you get when you cross a chick with an alley cat?


Photo Fails of Us

It’s the last Friday of the month, time for Photo Fails.  Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows blog is hosting Photo Fails.  She has taken over from  SoLT of Cuddl ywumps Cat Chronicles.  Old SoLT, as she called herself, left us far too soon. Melissa has the honour of carrying on for our friend. Click on the red blog name or click on the picture and take the shortcut to Melissa’s blog.                                                           

Now the pictures we are about to show you have never been seen before by any human (except mom) or animal.

What are Photo Fails?  They are pictures mom has taken that didn’t measure up so no one has seen them until now.

Like this one:                                                             

Some bright soul decided to use the flash. Granted without the flash it would have been too dark. It’s a fail anyway.

Here’s a picture of me without the tips of my ears.

Cruel, cruel peeps around here.

This picture would’ve been great but Budd turned his head.                                               
I’m sleeping on Shoko’s blanket. She normally won’t let anyone on it but she’s not here so what she doesn’t see won’t bother her.

Here’s a dark picture of me. It was taken earlier in the year before all the snow left.                                         
Mom should have used the flash here. You can hardly make out the bird I’m watching on TV.


Time for Shoko’s Meezer Proverbs.                                         
“Looking a Meezer directly in her blue eyes is an invitation to play slap and whap.”                                               

 What do you call a cat that likes to read?


Shoko’s Surprise on Thankful Thursday

Another glorious day!  Sunny and warm.                                                                 

We had a thankful day. Why did we have a thankful day? Well, there’s lots to be thankful for but the best thing was my surprise.  So we are joining Brian’s Home for a Thankful Thursday.                                                     

I brought the wee beasty home and shared my catch with Budd and Tyebe.

We were so thrilled to have the mousie to play with.  He didn’t seem to mind when we grabbed him and brought him closer to us.  I worked with Budd to surround the mouse.  This is the closest I ever got to Budd.  However, most startled was Tyebe.  She wanted nothing to do with this little piece of fur and promptly left the yard.                                                             

After we played with the mouse for a while, dad came and took the mouse into the Lane and let it run free near the house with all the cars.  The wee mouse was in top shape not a scratch on him.  You’re right if you’re thinking it was a baby mouse.  We were getting hungry for our special snack anyway.


It is time for some Meezer Proverbs.                                       


There were 2 cats looking into a green canary’s cage. The first cat said to the second cat, “That’s not a canary. It’s green!”

The second cat said, “I don’t know, maybe it’s not ripe yet!”

Tyebe Tuesday is a Happy Tuesday

Today is lovely, warm and bright.  A day to mellow and enjoy the warmth.                                                     
These radishes need more water or they won’t grow. How do you know, Tyebe?  You were too young to remember much of what mom told you last year.  Shoko told me they need more water.

Speaking of water. I need a long slug of water….cool, clear water.

Aww, much better.

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Where’s Shoko, Tyebe?                                                           

There she is and just in time for her Meezer Proverbs.

Whew! Just made it. I was walking in the flower garden smelling the Daisy and Balloon Flowers and I realized it was time for my Proverbs.

I rushed and tripped over the pretend bear in the garden….for kittens sake, couldn’t you put it someplace else, mom?

This proverb is fairly standard to all cultures but easily understood.
” Give a cat a mouse and you feed him for a day but teach him how to hunt and you feed him for life.”


Selfie Sunday with….maybe Tyebe

I’m on the deck just watching for Tyebe.                                                                     

A beautiful day, very warm.  A sleepy type of day.  Where is everyone?  There’s not a bit of a furry insight.  I’ll bet Tyebe’s at the telephone pole looking for the squirrels.

Yep, there she is! There’s no way she can climb that pole and the squirrels aren’t coming down so she can chase them.

Meanwhile, I’ll introduce Selfie Sunday to you.  The Cat On My Head is hosting this splendid event.  Animals from far and wide come to honour this event.  So let’s see you over at The Cat On My Head blog. You know what to do,click on the badge or the blog name to get there via shortcuts.  We wish the Blue family a Happy 7th Blogaversary.    Very well done Blue family.

Here’s Tyebe!

She’s just full of chatter about the squirrels and how mean they are. They just won’t play with her.

Now for the Meezer Moral system with Shoks.

” A flower is pretty but a dish of tuna is tasty and filling.”                                                     

Fun Fill Ins on Feline Friday

It’s still raining Budd. Crispy Critters!!  I want outside to investigate the house with all the cars.  It will stop Tyebe. be patient.                                                   

It’s raining dogs! The cats are smart and stay inside….only dogs would venture out in torrents of rain. mol…I’m just about ready to become an honourary woofie and vacate the premises in the rain.
No, don’t do that Tyebe. Did I ever tell you about my friend Snaggletooth? He was a fine specimen of a dog, not too big and not too small. No, you never told me about Snaggletooth.

He liked most cats so he and I palled around for awhile. He could reach food that was put up too high for me. I could get little things in holes like mice for us to play with. Snags hated rain so one day he was so soaked he ventured into a strange yard. Oh no! Was he hurt by the peeps in that yard? Quite the opposite, Tyebe. They saw him looking so sad and drenched that they invited him in until the rain stopped. Snags was delighted and happily went inside.                                                       

Snags loved to play and the peeps played with him. Snags thought up all kinds of games. They all laughed and enjoyed each other. Now, the rain quit hours before they realized…..they were having too much fun. Do you know Tyebe this home became Snags Furever Home. It goes to show you what can happen when you take chances. Cool tail Budd!

It’s  Fill In Friday with our hosts Ellen of15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Fur Balls.                                                           

We have four sentences to fill in so we all will have one sentence each.  Age before beauty Skoks.  I don’t know what to say Tyebe….thank you for thinking of others before yourself.  You’re learning kid.

1. I have been contemplating…..WHETHER I SHOULD MAKE UP TO BUDD OR JUST LET SLEEPING CATS LIE,  I TRIED SNIFFING HIS FACE THIS MORNING BUT HE STILL STINKS LIKE A MALE.                                                           

2. I want to…..SHOW BUDD…..A PAIR OF SQUIRRELS…… about ……SO BIG UP THE TELEPHONE POLE.                                                                   

3. People should worry less about…..THEIR CLOTHES…..and more about…..BEING KIND TO EACH OTHER.


4. I want to make the world a better place by…..KEEPING THE LANE CLEAN.


We are also entering Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.  Please go visit the blogs in red as they are fun blogs.

Now it’s time for Shoko’s Siamese logic with Meezer Proverbs.


“The contented Meezer pours herself into a sun puddle.”


What did the gramma cat say to her grandson when she saw him slouching?

You need to pay more attention to your pawsture.

Tyebe Tuesday

What a yucky day.  It’s just a pourin’ like crazy.  Budd is looking out the livingroom at it and wondering if this house came with paddles.                                                     

He doesn’t think his cardboard box will last long if the heavens keep crying.

This is a great day to play dress up.

I look spiffy in mom’s hat. Don’t tell mom but this hat looks way better on me.

Where’d that Shoko go?  Yep, just as I figured she’s in mom’s room.                                                               

Shoko’s there so if mom gets restless and starts fussing, Shoko climbs close to her and purrs her head off, ever so gently. These two are very close.

We are joining Happy Tuesday in Comedy Plus blog.

C’mon Shoks let’s hear another Meezer Proverb. Let’s confuse Xena, the Warrior Princess, a little more.

Sorry, Xena, Warrior Princess,I couldn’t help it. One day you will understand, after all you are an honourary Meezer.

This is a picture of me from 2015.  My fur’s a little darker now but I don’t look like I’ve aged a bit.

“Cats are not aloof and cold to others. They simply are forgetful and are wondering what they were trying to prove and why!”

Shoko at Sunday Selfies

MOL. MOL…..look at Shoko!  She’s sound asleep and thrown caution to the wind.                                                     
She’s forgotten we even exist. Shall we leap on her Budd? Naw, she looks so happy. Let’s play it cool.

It’s Selfie Sunday over at The Cat On My Head blog. Let’s zip over there and leave Shoko’s relaxed selfie.  Shoko will be surprised we did.

Now, over to Shoko for our odd Meezer family’s Pronouns….whoops I mean Proverbs.

“A cat was created when the tiger sneezed.”


Aww…..Monday at Fort Meezer

We had a fun time, Shoko.  Alright, I had a fun time on the bed with you and Budd.                                                                          You were a dang bed hog, what with flinging yourself down on my paws and then throwing yourself on my butt.

The picture doesn’t show your blue eyes blinking at me in total defiance but you sure can push it, dudette.                                                                You hissed at me.  Budd was going to come and sock it to you but mom gave him the, “stare” and he lay back down.  It was a pretty good sleep when everyone else calmed down.                                                       

We are joining Comedy Plus blog with AWWWW…. Monday.

Time for Shoko’s Meezer Proverbs.                                               
“The cat that polishes their whiskers is too proud to be a good mouser.”

They make cat food out of cow, fish, turkey, chicken, and lamb meat—but not mouse meat, which is probably all cats want.

Welcome to Friendly Fill Ins on Feline Friday

15 and Meowing and Four Legged Furballs blogs bring you the friendly Fill-Ins.

We will each take a question and fill it in like a dead bug. Budd’s first. Age before beauty…..mol


1. I like my …..BASKET….. with…..LOTS OF BLANKETS.


3. I spend the most time thinking about…..FOOD and TREATS.

4. OWNING CATS….. is a risk worth taking.


This post is also joining Comedy Plus for Feline Friday. You know the drill……simply click on the name or the badge just like for Fill In Fridays. Youll see some pretty great sights in the blogs.                                                             

It’s Shoko with Meezer Proverbs!

“Pity the fool who takes advice from a kitten.”

Why was the cat afraid of the tree?

Because of its bark!