Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt2

Mom and Dad were ready to board the train, “The City of New Orleans” for Memphis.  Mom felt maybe they’d be piped on board with the song “The City of New Orleans” by Willie Nelson as they stepped onto the train.  Short of that, mom says she could have sung it for everyone….hope you held off mom, we’ve heard your voice before.


Mom, what's the guy in the raincoat doing to the guy in front of him?

Mom, what’s the guy in the raincoat doing to the guy in front of him?


OK. OK…we won’t discuss the man in the raincoat. Back to our story. There was an upper deck and that’s where mom and dad”s sleeper unit was situated.

Cwap! Those are steep.

Cwap! Those are steep.

How did you manage to get up those steps mom? Dad gave me a boost on the butt and I was set…no problem.

Now once they got into their little room and it sounds very small, they deposited their overnight bag and sat.  There was a wee table in front of the window and a bathroom a wee bit smaller than the airplane bathroom set back a bit.  Sitting didn’t last long as they were tired but knew they had to eat, so headed to the dining car.   They couldn’t help it but the child in them came poking through in their dinner orders.

Dad had a hot dog and mom had Mac and Cheese….comfort foods.  What they didn’t realize was they were both getting colds.

They dragged their butts back to the little sleeper and made up the bed for the night.  They were both kinda stunned when the beds went down.  So much for a romantic night on the train.  There was an upper bunk….this would be dad’s bed.  The lower bunk became mom’s resting area.  When the beds were down there was a path of six inches between the sink and bed.  Two steps and you were sitting on the toilet.  Dad climbed the ladder and settled in for the night.  Mom lay down and was all prepared to be rocked gently to sleep.  She had a sheet and a very thin blanket for cover.  She snuggled down and waited for the lull but the train didn’t sway, it shook with a thud and a jerk every few miles.  Sounded like the engineer was collecting road kill with each thud.  The train shook all her blankets off and one thud…moved her to the bottom of the bed.  Furthermore the engineer was leaning on the whistle!  Mom and dad started chatting about 3:30am and got up about 4am as dad was not sleeping either.

This is dad explaining to mom that this was a learning experience…..obviously train travel is not for them.

Here is mom’s response to such great info….hehe

Finally 6:30am rolled around and they were leaving the train. The weather in Memphis was terribly cold and there was ice on some cars.

Mom and dad rented a car and headed out to catch a tour of Graceland….Elvis’s mansion. They were very tired but this was Elvis’s mansion….they had to see it.



You could see Priscilla’s influence in the livingroom where there were two painted pheasants in bright blue on the windows between the living room and TV room and yes the TV was from that era….round screen and all. The picture mom took was too fuzzy my friends. However, here is a picture of Elvis’s kitchen, where he made those famous grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

There were several out buildings that showed Elvis’s movie roles, gold and platinum records and his gifts to various organizations. He was a true philanthropist. Mom, how can you say that? He was a wonderful man…not like the fellow in the raincoat at the train station! That’s what I’m saying Shoko…he just kept giving to others less fortunate than himself. If a friend liked something…Elvis would buy it for him. Pretty generous I’d say.  Me too!

After visiting Graceland, these two fought sleep and headed for a cruise down Beale St.   Finally retiring to the hotel.

Alot of tourist traps

Back at the hotel, mom and dad ate and went to bed. Tomorrow they were to drive to Alabama and meet some friends.  Mom helps dad drive by giving very helpful advice…like, there’s a car coming and the light is turning red.  Dad does not appreciate it and mom just doesn’t know why.

Saturday rolled around and mom and dad headed out for Alabama about 9am.  Alright, let’s get going to Huntsville.  The scenery was spectacular.  The land was as flat as pee on a plate but the Southern Pines were fantastic.  Thinner than the BC pines.

They stopped for brunch at the Cracker Barrel.  There are no Cracker Barrels in Canada.  We will do a separate post of mom and dad’s first dealings with grits and buttermilk biscuits another day.


I just gotta ask mom…are you wearing the same sweater since you left home?  That is tacky mom.  No Shoko one sweater is darker than the other.  OK…if you say so!

They went through Mississippi and then before they knew it there was Huntsville.  They had made it.  Mom and dad were staying in the Hilton Hotel as were June and Jim.  Mom heard a knock on the door and opened it to see June and Jim from the blog Piglove.  Big hugs went all around.  Where was Bacon Mom?  They left Bacon at home with his nana.  He really likes staying at nana’s, so that’s alright.  We hugged and chatted and traded goodies to each other.  Shoko and Kali got a haul of treats and toys.  There were several goodies in the bag for Bill and I also.


13 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt2

  1. onespoiledcat

    Train travel is pretty “basic” (uncomfortable!) unless you’re on a luxury train and even then, it’s far from “just like home”. But they survived thankfully AND made it to Alabama to visit with Miss June and Mr. Jim! YAY!! This is fun to hear all about…………

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. Sandee

    No train travel for us. That sounded more than awful. You made up for it after you got off the train though. Excellent. Getting to meet your blogging buddies is way cool.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥


  3. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Sounds like a lovely time! I have heard about the train travel! One year we went Transatlantic to New York on a cruise and stayed there for 3 days. Then we were supposed to go by train to Miami to stop for a few nights before cruising back to the UK. We didn’t want to spend 26 hours on the train so flew down instead. When we staying in Miami we saw several people who had been on the first cruise and took the train. They told us some real horror stories about their ordeals going by rail.


  4. 15andmeowing

    I would like to see Graceland. My mom and I go to The Cracker Barrel sometimes- it is the only time I have had grits. 🙂


  5. Marv

    WoW! Mom’s not to sure she would want to take a train! The last time she was on one was the last train through the Spiral Tunnel and they sat up all night. It was wildly uncomfortable.
    Enjoy the sites and sights and the trip!
    We send LOVE!
    Barb & Marv


  6. Eastside Cats

    I enjoyed visiting Memphis a few years ago, but I didn’t not tour Graceland. My friends went, but I stayed in the shop and had a grand time eavesdropping on my fellow travelers! LOL!


  7. BellaDharma's LadyMew

    Meow meow soundss like THE train trip was a bit fur raisin!!!!! Mee an LadyMew hope you managed to have a guud visit with Bacon’ss Pawentss an things are calmer fore you both. Safe journey home…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew



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