Daily Archives: March 1, 2019

Dr. Seuss Day


It’s Dr. Seuss Day and we are having a wee party.  Of course, there’s green ham and eggs for every furry face that shows up.  Hurry up Budd….your favourite…FOOD!                                                         
Yummy, that Dr. Seuss sure knew the food that would get my attention.
Dr. Seuss had some pretty cool quotes too.  Quotes that make us feel special…which we are.                                                                           
This is a favourite of mine…Dr. Seuss treats!!

Mmmmm…Marshmallows and bananas. Better, it doesn’t get any.

Let’s wash that green ham down with a Cat In The Hat smoothie.

This is read across America (and Canada) Day.
Q: What kind of musician is the Cat in the Hat ?
A: A purr-cussionist mol mol mol