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Mom Comes Back Home

Look, look Shoko!  Here comes mom!  Dad’s wheeling her in.                                                              Oh my, she looks like she’s drunk on catnip. She’s talkin’ away to nobody in particular. We don’t have to listen then, she has a private audience.                                                                 What did they do to her at the ho! spite all? Is she going to be the mom we know again or some spacey crazy cat lady, Shoko? MOL She’ll be herself again Tyebe, she just needs to rest and use her foot again. They put pins and screws in her foot to help her walk. Sounds like she was falling apart, Shoko.  She kinda was Tyebe but when she relearns how to walk again she’ll be walking us in the Lane and playing in the dirt. Who hoo!! All the fun things in life.

I’ll stay with mom so she won’t feel alone cause she sure looks uncomfortable. Budd and I will pop in and out to see how things are going? How long will she be laid up? I think a few weeks. Maybe 5 or 6 weeks. She’s not going to feed us or give us snacks? No worries, dad will do that. He’s heavy handed with the treats so let’s enjoy while we can.                                                

Did ya see mom’s newest en suite bathroom, Shoko? MOL….weird looking isn’t it?

We will be hangin’ around mom most of the time while she’s healing.

We thank all the well wishers for the cheery thoughts and good cheer.  Your comments have meant so much to mom.
Ann, you hold a special place in our hearts and we thank you for the lovely meme, header and wallpaper. Big head bonks to you!


Mom Plans a Pit Stop

Budd, Shoko and Tyebe I have something to tell you.  Ya, is it about our food.  I know you’re going to give us more.  I can run all over the counters NOW.  Is that it?  These two will have to stay away from me when I’m sleeping?  It’d be hard to enforce though.  No, everybody’s wrong.  What?  I’m going to have to go for a pit stop so I won’t be home for a day or so.  OMC!!  Who will feed me….I mean us?  I’ll starve.  I’m not used to fending for myself anymore.  Besides eating garbage is awful.  Dad is going to make sure you’re all fed.  Oh my, he doesn’t add gravy like you do and he doesn’t tell us what we’re eating.  He doesn’t know how!  Yes, he does.  He’ll start feeding you now so he can ask questions.  Well, I don’t know about this idea.         
Not bad! What is it, dad? It’s liver and chicken. Really? Hmmm… lots of gravy. Not bad dad. Gee, thanks Shoko.                                                             
Hey mom what’s this pit stop for? Well, seems I need retreading as the left tire is getting worn out. Ya, you do walk rather slowly. Is this why you aren’t outside building a snowman this year, mom? Your bang on, Shoko. Can’t you just get another tire? It’s even more work and time in the hospital if I get a new tire/ankle replacement.   What’s that place called a Ho spit all? Doesn’t sound like a very nice place. You heard of it, Budd? No, but I wouldn’t want to go anywhere if they’re going to spit on me. We’d rather have you here, mom. Just think in about 6 weeks I’ll be able to walk with the best of them. THAT LONG! That’s like a year from now!  I’ll be old. No, Tyebe it’s only a month and a half.
How long will you be in this horrible ho! spit all?  Will you forget us?  I could never forget you three and dad.  I hope to be there overnight and then home.  That’s not bad so then you’ll be feeding us again?  No, I’ll have to stay in bed for a wee while and then I’m not supposed to walk about very much while my foot heals.  Well, I don’t care for this lying around a bit.  Will you play with us like you usually do?  Of course I will, but you’ll have to come to me on the bed and play.  We can do that.                                                                
I’m going to take your Christmas gift with me to the Ho! spite all….I mean hospital, Tyebe.  Wow!!  Really.  So you really like the seagulls.  I sure do, my passion is seagulls after cats of course.  Those seagulls have Tyebe written all over them. When I hear them I’ll think of you immediately.                                                                 


Can we visit you, mom? Really, I don’t think you’d like it there Tyebe. They frown upon playing and biting cords and hoses. Budd, they don’t share food either. Shoko you dislike people you don’t know so none of you would care for it. Sounds like a disgusting place. When do you go? Tuesday morning. That’s pretty quick so Wednesday afternoon you should be home with us again. Yep and believe me I’ll be delighted to come home.
Friends I won’t be around much but when I can again get to the computer, I’ll be anxious to read your posts and have a good ole yak with you.