Tyebe Tuesday

Ho, ho, ho.  We’re being so good our personalities will be warped.  It’s cruel really.

Why does Santa say ho, ho, ho? He’s supposed to be fat and happy Tyebe. Well, Budd’s fat and happy and he doesn’t wander around saying ho, ho, ho. Who’s fat? I’ll have you know this is all muscle, mol…yeah right Budd.
I’m tired of being so good it’s boring.  C’mon Budd let’s see what’s in that huge paper bag.                                                                         
Are you ok in there Tyebe?  This is a cool bag Budd.  It makes lotsa noise.  I love to hear myself.

I’m comin’ out Budd….give me room.
Now this is what I call a home fit for a kitty.  There is crinkly paper everywhere and is it ever noisy.  mol *hic*                                                                                                                                      
I’m a contented kitty.
We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.  Just click on the badge and be taken away…..like the garbage….just kidding, you’ll actually float over to their blog.                                                                 

28 thoughts on “Tyebe Tuesday

  1. Xena and Lucy

    Tyebe, you no longer have to worry about your personality being warped. But maybe you didn’t actually shred any of that crinkly stuff?? Of course you could always use the defense that you were just trying to find the perfect paper to wrap your Mom’s gift, right?


  2. Marty the Manx

    It’s good to see that Kali has sent you some friends Shoko 🙂 really glad that they are into the Christmas spirit too!!!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Marty I haven’t seen you for ages! Good to see you my friend. Yes, Kali had to leave us and now I’m stuck with a nincompoop of a kitten and a big ole male cat that wandered in one day. I don’t doze as much. I must keep one eye open so these guys don’t try any rough stuff.




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