Tyebe Tuesday

Egads, you make a mess, mom.  It’s so messy here, I can’t get on the counter.                                                                 

Hey Budd, there’s no room up here to look for treats. We’s outta luck.

You mean this mess means it’s Christmas. We should have fun if the rest of the house looks as rugged.

So what are you baking for us? What do ya mean…..nothing?

There you have it……we get nothing.  Shoko never liked my cooking and turned her nose up.  I can picture you doing the same.  The only one that would eat it is Budd.  That’s only cause he’d eat anything. mol

We are also participating in Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus.  Click on the highlighted blog name and be taken to Happy Tuesday.

26 thoughts on “Tyebe Tuesday

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      This graphic is so much like Budd. Food remains his #1 priority. As a street cat it will take him a long time to get over the need to holler for food. It’s like he has a little watch set for 8am and 6pm. The vet was saying that wild cats don’t wait till they’re real hungry to hunt for food or they would be too weak. So they hunt when they are just peckish.


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  1. Eastside Cats

    Tyebe, do like Da Boyz do, and just kick everything off that’s in your way! Manny, especially, likes to go ‘four-wheel-drive’ over things, which makes the humans laugh but creates a mess most often…


  2. Kathe W.

    what is your Mom making for the Holidaze? I am thinking about making marmalade for the New Years gifts- no time for Christmas gifts!



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