Interview With Ling Ling About the book, “And Then There Was A Tiger.”

Do you two think you’re up to a visit with Ling Ling? Pretty name but whose this Ling Ling?   Why Tyebe she is Mrs. Odboddy’s legendary kitty.  REALLY!!  Yes, me’s would like to visit a legend.  How bout you Budd?  Well, I don’t get to meet any special kitties but you two and I’m up for a change.                                             
OK, now you’ll both have to pay attention cause I got the Magic Carpet up and running again.  There are safety precautions you must abide by on the Magic Carpet.  Where are we going, Shokos?  Isn’t Ling Ling coming here?  No, we’re going to visit her in California.  You mean we’re leaving BC and Canada too?  Hot diggity, I always wanted to be on the post office’s most wanted list!  Yeah!!  We’s fugitives!  No we’re not!! We’re taking a trip to see a friend.  You mean I won’t be one of Canada’s most wanted?  Crap on my nip, why don’t cha?                                             
Let’s get going, make sure you are seated firmly on the Magic Carpet. Get comfy cause we have to stay seated while we’re in the air or we’ll tip over.

WATER!! Lots of it. Hang on tight Budd. Stay still Tyebe, we’re not going to fall in as long as you remain cool!  That’s the coast of California.
We’re here.  Careful your claws don’t get stuck in the Magic Carpet Budd and Tyebe.  There’s Ling Ling.                                                         
Ling Ling, you look fantabulous!! This lovely warm weather agrees with you. Shoko, you devil. Still got the Magic Carpet I see. Who are these two? This white ball of fur is Tyebe, she’s my little sister. This big tough looking guy is my brother, Budd. Pleased to meet a furry that lives in California.
She seems nice Budd. Shhh….

Ling Ling let’s start the interview now. Go ahead Shoko.                                                         

So This story is called, “And Then There Was a Tiger.” Terrific title by Elaine Faber.   I expect to see some action in this book.                                                                   
As the book begins, a package is delivered to Mrs. Odboddy. How did you get into it, Ling Ling?                                                              
Surmising a rodent intruder in the package, I promptly extricated said rodent by tooth and claw, thus eliminating any smelly threat level to zilch. Shoko, that sucker stunk like a pile of crow food.
Good grief, I know rodents are pretty tough fighters.  Did you kill that thing in the package?
Unfortunately, no. It entered the house and in my ensuing pursuit, many household items were severely damaged and it got away. (Not my fault!)
It’s understandable that some items will be broken and ripped in your pursuit of a smelly rodent.  Casualties of warfare, I say, Ling-Ling.
What is it like living with an eccentric old woman who ‘fights the war” from the home front? What makes her a hometown patriot?  She seems like she should take up a less hazardous hobby.
Feeling compelled to expose conspiracies and spies, and her multiple volunteer projects, Agnes is often away from home. Her amusing tales ‘after the fact’ almost makes up for it, though she is prone to stretch the truth when it puts her in a better light.
Since we are both Siamese, we sort of look alike.  Is it possible we are related?
Descended from royal blood myself, it is doubtful that we are related, though I suppose it is possible. Have you done a DNA test through yet?
Apparently, I also have royal blood and a DNA test through is just the way for me to find out.  I know what I want for Christmas.
‘Scuse please Lady Ling Ling but I would like to know if Mrs. Odboddy can’t find a home for the tiger, Shere Khan, any chance she’ll bring him home to live with you? How do you feel about that?                                                                         
Oh my stars! It’s one thing to bring a homeless cat into one’s life, but I don’t think Shere Khan would fit in our bed. I don’t plan to give up my spot any time soon. Budd, you don’t have to call me Lady cause I’m not officially a Lady.
You are so graceful like Shoko is. I respect that. It’s not easy to look chic when one’s gettin’ on with business but you two do.
Can I ask you a question too Ling Ling?
Of course, little one.
 Should an elderly lady like Mrs. Odboddy have a boyfriend? Do you want her to marry Godfrey?  How would you feel about calling Godfrey…”dad?”                                                                
Every old lady should have a boyfriend, or a ‘friend-boy,’ as the case may be. Godfrey’s pretty cool but Mrs. O will never marry him. She’s too set in her ways and I expect Godfrey would cramp her style.
mol..*hic*  Mom doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s old.  She has your dad as a boyfriend.  I never thought of that Ling Ling.
One more question before we leave Ling Ling.   Which of Mrs. Odboddy’s three published books is your favorite?
My biggest role was in Hometown Patriot, so I suppose that’s my favorite. When Mrs. O put six chickens in the bathroom, I did a pretty good job of messing with that project, if I do say so myself. MOL!!!
We all enjoyed your efforts at herding up those chickens.                                                      
Thank you for your time Ling Ling We’re going to head home now. Say hi to Mrs. Odboddy for us.  Bye. Bye Lady Ling Ling.  Bye Bye

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20 thoughts on “Interview With Ling Ling About the book, “And Then There Was A Tiger.”

  1. onespoiledcat

    WOW what a nice trip you took to California. I hope you didn’t get any of that smoke from the fires in your eyes. That was a wonderful visit you had with Ling Ling and thanks for the information on the book too. Sounds interesting!

    Hugs, Teddy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      We were fortunate not to get the smoke from the forest fires cause we don’t have any instruments on the Magic Carpet. They were extra and I didn’t think we would ever use them. There is a place for the instruments on the Magic Carpet if I ever save enough to buy them.

      Pilot Shoko

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Comedy Plus

    What a lovely way to review a book. It was most delightful and you didn’t have to endure any smoke. That sky looks very clear.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥


  3. Xena and Lucy

    What an interesting trip and interview. I hope y’all weren’t too cold on the magic carpet, this time of year. And I suppose Shoko is the only one who can “operate” it! Thanks for a fun story.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Us cold? Not likely….the sea breezes were wonderful on our furs.

      Of course, I’m the only one that is licenced to drive the Magic Carpet! Would you like a dude that gets excited cause he might be on Canada’s 10 most wanted, driving the carpet. I don’t think so. Tyebe is way too young….she likes speed. Anyway, if she can’t mouth her nanner while driving she gets upset.


      Liked by 1 person

  4. Patzy and Miss Juliea

    Tyebe, when you are sitting up all proud like as in the last picture you have a perfect heart showing on your chest. Just beautiful. And Budd, I haven’t heard the phrase “hot diggity” in like forever. You are so cool! And Shoko, you are the incredibly smart leader of your little gang of hooligans. What a fun post!


  5. The Island Cats

    What a fun trip! Were you wearing your seatbelts on the magic carpet? Thanks for interviewing Ling Ling. She seems like a fun cat.


  6. Valentine

    Me and Mom’s reading list just got longer, ’cause I just added those books to it! Tee hee hee. You all were very purr-fessional when you interviewed Ling Ling and she seems like a very purr-sonable kitty. Hugs.


  7. Three Chatty Cats

    What a fantastic interview. And how fun that you got to travel all the way to California! Next time, be sure to swing by our place for a quick hello! We’ll save you some catnip and tuna. By the way, we’re still waiting on Harley’s DNA test to see if he might be part Siamese. Probably not royal like you, though.


  8. angelswhisper2011

    That’s a very magical way to review a book. I liked flying with you on this one, Shoko, Tyebe, and Budd and nice to meet Ling Ling too. The book looks real nice, if only we had more time to read…sigh… Thank you so much for coming to my Pawty, my furriends. Hope you had a lot of fun, just like me 😀 Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🐾😽💞



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