Friday Friendly Fill-Ins with All of us

Hey, it’s that time.  Time for the fill-ins for the week.  We thank our co-hosts 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.
We’ll all take a shot at the sentences.  C’mon Budd.  The dude will still be in the mirror when you get back.                                                                     
Guess you’re right Tyebe. He doesn’t seem to leave the same spot. Coming right out.


Here are our sentences for this week:

1. I can’t wait to have…..ALL THE FOOD I WANT….. on Crisp Mouse. ( if not in the USA, substitute your next holiday).                                                                   

2. I am thankful for…..BUDD AND EVEN SHOKO. I KNOW ONE DAY SHOKO WILL LOVE ME.  SHE WOULDN’T LET ANYONE HURT ME NOW SO I KNOW DEEP…..WAY DEEP DOWN SHE LOVES ME.                                                              

3. When it comes to pie,…..ANY KIND DOES THE TRICK. ALL PIES ARE DELICIOUS SO I’M NEVER PICKY.                                                                         

4. A feast is not a feast without….NIP.  ONE MUST GET THAT GIDDY FEELING DURING A HOLIDAY                                                                      

Do these ears remind you of a cat in this house? Spooky likeness.

28 thoughts on “Friday Friendly Fill-Ins with All of us

  1. Xena and Lucy

    Are you still standing at the mirror, Budd? Let’s hope no one finds you good enough to eat, Tyebe. And shoks, you load up on that nip, and maybe it will be easier to deal with your little sister, MOL. Love, the Mom
    I overheard I might get jammies for Christmas, that fit me better than Mom’s T-shirt! And maybe a big bone, too! Lucy
    I heard I might be getting allergy testing and special serum for Christmas. Woo hoo! Hope it tastes good. Xena


      1. Xena and Lucy

        I like clothes, Tyebe, just like Xena. I have a nice sweater and a new winter coat, and I think I would look like the cat’s meow in pretty jammies. *wags* Lucy
        Isn’t serum something good to eat? Xena

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    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Budd is a good looking guy….don’t tell him that though, he can get overcome with pride and then we’ll never get him away from the mirror. He has the softest fur ypu’ll ever feel.

      Shoko and Tyebe


  2. Comedy Plus

    Budd you’ll figure out that mirror at some point. So fun.

    I love all your answers. I’ll have champagne and you can have the nip.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥


  3. 15andmeowing

    Budd is a handsome boy. Thank you all for these great fill-in answers. Budd, I am sure your folks will let you have all the food you want. Tyebe, you make a nice looking pie 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! XO


  4. Patzy and Miss Juliea

    Budd, I think you are the most beautifully rugged mancat ever. You have two sisters that love you in their own ways and a happy house now that you are safe indoors. If I were you I would stare in that mirror too!
    Luvz, Patzy



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