Thankful Thursday

Today’s Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home and we are all thankful for something different this week.                                                               

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Tyebe what are you thankful for this week. Well, Budd, I’m thankful for the new mirror mom got. It kept me busy for quite a while. There was a cat that looked just like me in there. I kept looking behind the mirror but this kitty was very thin.

See that kitty? She looks just like me.

Look Budd…there’s a dude that looks like you in the mirror too,

Smile at him Budd. Maybe he’ll smile back. mol *hic* He did, he smiled back. He’s very thin though Budd. We don’t want to see you that thin…ever!

What about you Shokos, what are you thankful for?

I’m thankful you and Budd are so fascinated by the mirror and aren’t thinking about jumping on me.

Budd, what are you most thankful for my bunkie.

Mom bought me a name tag for my collar. I’m so thankful she has made me one of the family and given me a name tag to prove it.

What are you thankful for today my friends?


27 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

      1. Patzy and Miss Juliea

        You need to look on-line for many inexpensive tags. But you got one now for him and that’s the important part. They truly feel they belong once they wear a collar and tag. I have seen this happen over and over. People don’t think their cat will like a collar but they really do.


  1. onespoiledcat

    I’m thankful for lotsa things but especially thankful that Budd has his forever home now with you girls. He’s a lucky boy. We love your name tag Budd – it suits you purrrrrfectly!

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. Xena and Lucy

    Yes, Budd, once you have the name tag, you know you have your furever home. Congrats! I have stories, too about Angel Lexi and also Xena looking in mirrors. I try hard to not laugh (LOL).


  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    guyz…de food servizz gurlz place oh employ haz been veree
    veree bad late lee N we canna sneekz round like we
    SHULD bee abe bull two; stopin bye with a message frum
    copee N paste N uz just ta say Hi hope all iz well !!!! ♥♥♥


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      So good to see you copee N paste. Work can be a bummer since they frown on fun ways to pass the time. Dumb jobs!! We’re on our way over to the fish shack at your locale. See ya there.

      Shoko, Tyebe and Budd


  4. Patzy and Miss Juliea

    Yessss!! Getting a collar with your name on it means you BELONG! That is what I had to live for on the streets and in the shelter and now I have a name tag, county license tag and a microchip! And of course my Blinged out Dog Collar which fits me and is sparkly and beautiful and I love! All these plus my mommy especially makes me feel at home!!

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