Tyebe Tuesday with a Surprise

Shoko and I’s had lotsa fun at Cat Scouts and me’s a Kit Scout now.  When I get my uniform I’ll show everyone.

Today was a relaxing day around Fort Meezer.  Me’s tore a strip off our Halloween black cat.                                                                  He hissed and yowled at me but me’s kept biting his leg.

Then the mail lady came to the door.  Me’s ran to the front door.                                                        Me’s tried to avoid mom as she went to pick me’s up so I wouldn’t run out the door but she finally caught me so all I’s could do was grin at the mail lady.

We got a parcel from New Zealand.  Mom won a prize from Dash Kitten a few weeks back,  I,s helped mom open it.

Me’s was in there like a dirty paw leaving me’s mark all over. What great giftees we got.

We hit the mother lode!  The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa is a most fascinating book and will be read to the whole family at Story Time.  Make Your Cat an Internet Star is the booklet.  I’m not sure if I’s want to be a star maybe Budd wants to be a star although he’s delighted when he gets foods and treats,  All the other goodies you can see.

Thank you so much, Marjorie of Dash Kitten.Com.

Me’s getting hungry for din din so I shall say See Ya.  Till next time my friends.                                                           


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21 thoughts on “Tyebe Tuesday with a Surprise

  1. carrylovescats

    Wow, what a fantastic prize, that’s awesome. Have fun with all your new goodies. We think you’re all already internet stars!

    Love Laser & McLaren

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Xena and Lucy

    Congrats on the great gifts. We think you are a handful for your Mom, Tyebe. Do you ever share food or swap bowls? After me and Lucy can’t get anymore out of our own bowls, we switch and lick, te, he. xox Xena

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marv

    Tyebe…Have you been taking lessons from the Overlook Twins on destruction? You are doing fabulous! And I gotta say…what a haul! Oh! ocatulations on being a Cat Scout Kit!

    Liked by 1 person


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