A Letter from Cat Scout Camp

Dear Mom, Dad, Tyebe and Budd,

We arrived at Camp Sammy Kimmell in a Woodie.  It’s a really old car but the fenders never fell off and we arrived safely.  I’m having so much fun at the Jamboree.  It’s not all fun, sometimes it’s just hard work like putting up our tent when we arrived on Sunday.  We have a girls tent and a boy tent.  Us girls put up our own tent for the patrol Rumbling Thunder.  I’m including a few pictures that were taken.                                                              

On Monday we had a Scavenger Hunt. It was real hard. I only found 2 items and there were 10 to find. Oliver Hughes, a member of Rumbling Thunder found them all! He’s a very good Cat Scout and a super member of our patrol.  Sorry no pictures.

Yesterday we all hiked down to the tidepool for an excursion.  The waders fit about right.  They aren’t very comfy though.

The sea life I saw was enough to make me shake with happiness all over. I was very good and didn’t eat any of the sea life. I did see These little tiny crabs called Fiddler Crabs.                                                            

I thought I’d try to catch some just before we come home and you can make crab soup. Although these wee guys seem to be all claws.

Oh, I must tell you that I’m the new bugle girl for Rumbling Thunder. I play Taps every night. You know I have a real talent for it except one night I played Taps too late and most scouts were asleep already.  They weren’t happy but I meant well.

That’s about it for now mom. Hope you, dad and the hairy monsters are doing great. Wish you were here mom without Tyebe and Budd but I’ll see you on Saturday evening after the closing ceremony.

Loves Shoko

Shoko is having gobs of fun, mom. me’s want to go too! You’re too young Tyebe. You have to be at least 1 year old. Even out in the Lane, the street cats have heard of Cat Scouts. These scouts are wonderful and deserve all our praise. I never realized Shoko was such a great and honourable lady. Well, I’s still going to try and beat the snot outta her when she comes home….cat scout or not.                                                            


16 thoughts on “A Letter from Cat Scout Camp

  1. onespoiledcat

    What a great letter home! Heaven forbid Tyebe join Cat Scouts – she’d sure set the Cat Scouts world on fire (literally) wouldn’t she?!?!?! HAHAHAHA I’m having fun too Shoko. See you around Camp and thanks for being such a super Buglemaster.

    Hugs, Teddy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Me’s don’t want to hang around Shoks all the time. Sher’s odd. She doesn’t like playing with me’s and she doesn’t want to fight with me’s either. I’s don’t know what she wants.



  2. 15andmeowing

    That was a sweet letter from Shoko. My Sammy did not write to me, but he came home today so he could be here for Grammie’s birthday lunch. He is back at the Jamboree now. XO


  3. Marv

    Oh Shoko! Cat Scouts sounds like fun. I have tried whining at Mom that I too could join…but she said no way Jose! I want to know who this Jose guy is and see if I can get his way and then maybe she will say yes…
    What do you think?



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