Sunday Selfie In The Lane with Budd

It’s a beautiful day for a walkabout in the Lane.  Come on Tyebe and Budd.  Tyebe, mom has to attach the leash before you can leave the property. It’s not fair.  You’s two can romp free without a leash.  That’s cause we’re older and don’t go running everywhere like we went nuts.    Me’s not crazy, Shokos. I’s just curious and very easily excited.                                                       

That’s why you have the harness and leash Tyebe. You won’t have them when you can look out for danger by yourself. Right now you need your mom’s guidance. Me’s will listen to you’s Budd but not so much Shokos cause she gets mad at me’s when I’s leap on her. I don’t blame her Tyebe, you’re a big girl and you bite too.  They’re just ittle love bites.  Bull derm! You’ve tried it with me and they hurt.  That’s why I whapped you on the head.  Oh, that’s why you’s hit me’s. I’s was wondering bout that.                                                          

C’mon let’s go, mom!

The sun is warm.  Look at Budd over in the bushes!                                                    

Me’s think he’s takin’ a selfie, Shokos. Yep, a selfie it is. Today is Sunday selfie day at The Cat On My Head, so he’s prepared.  Click on the badge and visit the other anipals posing for selfies.

Have a sunny Sunday, friends.

Me’s do this when I’s needs to go outside and visit Budd.


23 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie In The Lane with Budd

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I guess they’re like peeps. Some are loners and some like to be social. Shoko is more of a loner but is getting used to more cats around….slowly, very slowly. Who knows what Budd has seen and where he’s been but he likes peeps and TYebe. He’s not keen on Shoko as she hisses and growls at him but she is not hissing as much. Well Tyebe she likes everything and everybody.


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  1. onespoiledcat

    Hang in there Tyebe – you will calm down one of these days and be able to have a little more freedom. Meanwhile, leaping on your brother and sister certainly leaves them with the impression that you have a lot more growing up to do!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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