Thankful Thursday’s Walk

Tyebe, c’mon we’re going for a walk in the Lane.

We haven’t been in the Lane for a couple of months. Woohoo! Budd, Budd….wake up. Get your walking booties on, we’re all going for a walk in the Lane.

Hurry up you two. Quite sniffing every little blade of grass or it’ll be dark before you get to the falling down house!

We’s hurrying Shokos. Come on Budd….get your paws movin’.

Ah! The smell of fall is in the air. It’s getting cold.  Look the Mountain Ash is loaded with berries again.   A hard winter’s in store for this area.                                                  

Tyebe and Budd will never find me in here. mol Hissss….you found me Tyebe. There’s no fur growing between me’s claws Shokos.

Mom wants us to head home.  So let’s go, gang.

Already, it’s time to go home! No, I’s don’t wanna go!

Let’s go home, Tyebe. Shoko said something about it being Thankful Thursday so let’s tell everyone about our adventure in the Lane.

That was a fun walk even if I had to wear a leash.  We are so thankful mom took us out for a walk in the Lane.  We are joining Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday.  Just click on the badge and be taken to see the other thankful anipals.                                                      Me’s sure am tired now.                                                           

Have a wonderful Thursday!


27 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday’s Walk

  1. Xena and Lucy

    So glad it was a pretty day for a walk. It has been pouring rain here since Monday. I’ve even been letting the pups run out in the front yard to potty, since the dog lot is pretty well flooded and/or muddy. They do their thing and want right back in the house!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You’ll be waiting a long time C. Budd is a free spirit and Shoko doesn’t go anywhere but the Lane and is car shy so the chances of her falling victim to a vehicle are very remote. As time goes by Shoko seems to prefer to be in the backyard or on the fence. Now Tyebe is the flit of the house and runs all over so when we leave the backyard she must be on a leash.

      B S and T



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