Toothies and a Sunday Selfie

Budd, Budd!!  Look, mom found 2 of my kitten toothies on the cat pole.  This means you’re no kitten anymore.  You’re a young lady now, Tyebe.                                                               Maybe if me’s show them up close and personal.                                                        

Can you see them? They are very tiny. Hard to believe I ever hurt anybody with those wee things but I caused mom some owee moments. mol *hic*

Do you’se think me’s should be cleaning me’s paws like you’se, Budd? I’ve been out thrown dirt around in the garden and my paws are yucky.  Dang, white paws they show everything.  Yours look fairly clean, Tyebe. No need to clean…yet.   I like to be clean when I come inside.  I’s don’t care…the dirt will fall off in the house.  Hmmmm…

OK, OK, I’s get the message, Budd.  You’se saying as me’s becoming a lady, me’s should act like one and clean up.                                                                         

Me’s will check and see if I’s dirty and clean the dirts off.

Oh dear, I’s have a blob of dirts on my chest and another one here. Lick, lick..

Hey, Tyebe you’re lookin’ grubby again. I don’t want you leaping on me with that dirt on you.                                                    
Me’s fixin’ the problem, Shoko.

I’s going to contact the tooth fairy.  Maybe she’ll come and get my toothies and leave me a surprise.  Shoko said she’s really nice.

NO!  She doesn’t look like this, Shokos! Me’s sure hopes not.


This is the day for a Sunday selfie at Cat on My Head blog so we decided all three of us will pose.  I actually took the picture though.  Click on the blog hop name and be taken to the action at Cat on My Head.                                               

Some days you just have to make your own sunshine
Today was one of them.

Tyebe…..Royal Blue
Budd…..Sea Green


29 thoughts on “Toothies and a Sunday Selfie

  1. elspethone

    Seshat: mommy has my baby teeth and she had Brofur Anubis’s toofies too!! She keeps them in a pretty little box. Your just a big girl now just like me. Soon you’ll have all big toofeeies!! Hope you get something good from the tooth fairy!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat and Kephri!!


  2. erinthecatprincess

    Oh yes, a lady should be as well groomed as a gentlecat, for sure. Time spent grooming means more cuddles from the staff (who do less cleaning), more treats and thus better naps! Love the selfie threesome, you all looks so very happy indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Xena and Lucy

    Tyebe, you are looking like a gangly teenager, albeit a pretty one.Good thing Budd is there to teach you proper hygiene, and to not get the house (and Shoko) dirty after you’ve been outside. Please tell your Mom I like her Tiffany lamp. Your friend, Amy


  4. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That is a nice group selfie. Eric and Flynn used to chew on their cardboard toy box when they were teething. I used to keep finding tiny teeth in and around it. I wish I had kept them.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Really…the tooths got stuck. You must be very observant cause they’re so small. I will try and keep her wee teeth in a special box. Hopefully, in a few years I don’t wonder what they are and throw them out. lol



    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Mom says she’s having trouble getting into Canada. I’s guess she has to declare the toothies she has and the goodies for the toothless wonders like me’s here in Canada. Maybe they won’t let her in….what if her passport is not up to date. Now me’s worried.



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