Furry Friday with Flower Power

We are trying a different hop today Tyebe and Budd.  It’s called Flower Power.  I know Budd it seems silly to start looking at the flowers when the best part of them is over for this year but this looks like a fun hop.  This blog hop is brought to us from Arty, Jakey and Rosy from Living, Laughing Barking in Our BackYard

This was your 3rd. night in the house, Budd so how was it?

It was gud Tyebe.  I must say I can do well without your leaping all over the bed when I’m trying to get some shut-eye.  The leaping on Shoko must stop if you want her to like you.  Seriously?  Me thought she liked to hiss and sound mean.  She just doesn’t know what to do with you, Tyebe.  OK, Budd, me’s will try and not leap on her.

Ha!!  I don’t believe you Tyebe!                                                              

You’ll wait till I’m all relaxed and then leap on me with your claws out!   Just because I’m laying peacefully. Me’s sorry Shokos. I thought you liked playing “Leap on the Monster.” No way…. you play the monster and I’ll leap on you….see how you like it. No, it’s ok Shokos.

Here is a picture of mom’s favourite Day Lily.  Not bad, eh.  We can’t play anywhere near it so we play in the ferns away from the Day Lily.                                                                  

Have a wonderful Flower Friday….we will.

Me’s sure there’s a bug in that flower. If only me’s could reach that high.                                                                          

22 thoughts on “Furry Friday with Flower Power

  1. Xena and Lucy

    Mom’s flower is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you like a flower in the planter, Shoko. Bud, you are good to teach Tyebe how to win over Shoko. It’s so hard for her, just being a kitten. Have a sunshiny weekend, all.

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  2. Eastside Cats

    Tyebe, there was a fly on the ceiling, and Manny just kept staring at it, and trying to climb the wall to get to it! I tried to assist, by whacking it dead with a rolled-up newspaper, but it fly away and Manny was mad at me for wrecking his stalk!

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  3. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Me doubt it C. Shokos doesn’t like to be touched. She’s a picky girl. She whacks me’s in the face but she doesn’t like to be touched….gimme’s a break Shokos! You deserve claws out….mol *hic*



  4. onespoiledcat

    YAY for Budd being inside for three days…….he looks pretty darn happy too. Maybe Tyebe will refocus her “leap on and bite” moves on him instead of you Shoko? Happy Caturday!

    Hugs, Teddy



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