Sparks of power

Hey Budd, you getting tired of waiting for snack time?  No, it’s nice sittin’ with you here on the deck, Tyebe.                                                          

It sure is sunny and warm. Time to space out. mol *hic*

We can’t space out Tyebe it’s the day we give inspiration to start the week. Do you need inspiration some days Budd? You bet I do. Living on the streets is hard and I may not know where my next meal is coming from so I try to stay positive.                                                        

I see myself as a kitten when I feel overwhelmed with the daily struggles.

Me sees meself as a big wild cat able to do anything me wants. So the way we see ourselves can make us happy and able to do anything. You’se got it, Budd!                                                            

mol *hic* Let’s play “IT”….gotcha…you’se it Budd.


35 thoughts on “Sparks of power

  1. Xena and Lucy

    You are right, Tyebe, how we see ourselves is so very important. It affects both how we act and how others see us, which ultimately affects our entire lives. What a wise little kitten you are.


  2. The Canadian Cats Post author

    That would be so nice. I hate looking for food…I don’t want to eat anything that’s alive and kicking but sometimes I had no choice. I perfer Fancy Feast as it’s already in a can and I never said “morning ” to the ingredients.



  3. Marv

    Gosh! I see myself as a HUGE tiger too! And Tyebe…Buddy is a Good Furrend! You and me must be the luckiest cats in the world to have such marvelous furrends!



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