A Sunday Selfie with Shoko’s Shadow

Tyebe, do you know it’s Sunday Selfie today at The Cat On My Head blog Take a gander friends.  Click on the blog hop name and be swept away.  OK Shokos, can yous take my selfie.  A selfie is a picture you take of yourself, no one else can do it for you.  Really?  Sounds difficult.  I’s not into difficult.                                                                         

For Sylvester’s sake Tyebe are you a wimp? I’s no wimp Shokos. I’s a good girl I’s am! Humpf!                                                                   

Do you smell someone Shokos? Are there introoders around? Let me at em. I’s going to put them in their place.  There’s no messin’ with us….right Shokos?  Ok Tyebe.  You better take your selfie now before you fall asleep again.  OK Shokos.  Shokos said this was easy.  Just point the camera at meself and click. “CLICK”  Cwabs!  I can’t see….the flash is bright.  Oh SHOKOS what will I do, you’ll have to help me for the rest of my life.  Relax Tyebe, you’ll start to see again in a few minutes.  Let’s look at your picture.                                                                          

You did great Tyebe!  Oh dear, I’s have no ears. Should I’s do it again Shokos? No way, this picture is awesome.


Remember some days you’re the bird,
Some days you’re the worm. So be nice to all birds.                                                     

36 thoughts on “A Sunday Selfie with Shoko’s Shadow

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I’s will understand in time but I don’t have an associate to help. Mrs. H is not really a housekeeper she is more of an administrative assistant. She’s a busy woman.



  1. Amy

    Your new blog header is so sweet. Tyebe, you underestimate yourself…your selfie is great. Shoko is a wonderful teacher. Have a happy, playful Sunday.


  2. NylabluesMum

    Mee-you Tyebee gurl yur selfie iss adoorabull….
    An thee meeMee made LadyMum laff.
    Fankss fur helpin Tyebee Cuss-inn Shoko.
    ***paw kissesss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xXx


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Shokos gets in a tizzy at times. Seems she doesn’t care for wrestling ALL the time. Me’s like wrestling all the time and thought Shokos would to but seems I’s was wrong. She’s odd!



  3. Marv

    Tydbe! Wharf a fabulishious selfie! I too love wrestling -but Kozmo and Jo Jo don’t. What’s with siblings?
    You have the coolest blue eyes! They are gorgeous!



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