Fun Selfie Sunday

It’s Sunday fun day.  The weather is a little warmer and dad shoveled the stairs leading from the deck.  Mom is coming out with me today.  She has a touch of cabin fever and needs the fresh air blowing amidst her furs.  Shhh….don’t tell her but she’s getting bossy and loud.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings so MUM’s the word.                                                

It’s Sunday Selfie day also at The Cat On My Head blog so we shall hop over there and show our best side. Come with us, just click on the blog host name and ta-da we’ve arrived.                                            

Not too bad if I don’t say so myself.   Do you wonder where Kali is?  She’s gone on a winter vacation with her crotchety friends.

Have a wonderful day. Hope you get sun.

30 thoughts on “Fun Selfie Sunday

  1. kittiesblue

    Shoko, you look absolutely meowvolous and dare we say, sexy, with that come hither look! We bet a certain boy-cat is going to be giving this photo lots of kisses. Lily Olivia will be so disappointed if she finds out she missed an outing with her gal pals. Hopefully those CC girls at the Bridge are up to something fun. Thanks for hopping on over to see us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  2. ERin the Cat

    You strike quite a pose there, and looks like you have a fine vantage point too, to view the realm.
    Hope that the fresh air won’t blow your mom away, around here it is way too blowy, even for us low level folk, MOL
    Toodle pips


  3. 15andmeowing

    Great selfie Shoko. How nice of you to take your mom out. We got 4 inches of snow so I am going out to do a little shoveling soon, luckily my hubby plows most of it. I hope Kali and the cougars are having fun. XO


  4. NylabluesMum

    Mee-you Shoko yur so gorgeous deer Cuss-inn!! Grate selfie!
    LadyMum wood not take mee out fur a walk; she sayss it iss still too chilley…..PHOOEY! Shee iss watchin thee Zoomie Zoomie NASCAR race…..mee knowss thee score! 😉
    ***nose kissesss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx


    1. NylabluesMum

      Mee-you Shoko it is now Tuesday an it has rained most of thee day! RAIN inn February??? An around 60 deegreess butt so wet mee not want to bee outside!!
      Crazy weather!
      An LadyMum was glued to thee Tee Vee fur thee race. Mistur Austin (Dillon) won thee race inn thee Numburr #3 car an LadyMum gotted all teery eyed….. shee said “This one iss fur you Mistur Dale See-nior!”



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