Mom Steps Out For The Day

Bye, mom…why are we waving a paw at mom?  Where’s she going? She’s going to cash in her birthday gift certificates and have a pedicure and manicure.  I envy her so much, Shoko.  This is what I want for my birthday too.

Oh no!  What’s wrong, Shoko?  This means dad’s looking after us, on his own.  So?  He doesn’t know how we like things done.  We better tell him.  We should wait to see what he does himself.  He may think we’re bossy if we start telling him what we like.                                                         

That’s a great idea, Kali. Here comes brekky, let’s see how he does.
Oh my!  Dad, oh dad, I like way less gravy in my food. I want a whole lot more gravy in my food and I don’t like lumps either.  Just sayin’  Are you going to eat it, Kali.  No way Shoks, it looks ghastly!  We should take a few licks though. K, *lick* *lick*…Shoko shakes her paws and walks away.                                                       

I’ll get a drink of water, that helps to fill me up. Kali stands in her water fountain and then starts pushing water out of the fountain. Dad puts a T-towel under the fountain to catch the water and tells Kali not to play in the water.  But mom lets me play in the water.                                              

Hey, dad, I can’t get a drink now. Mom fills the fountain after I play in the water.

This is no good at all.  My Princess bed is all lumpy where I was playing groundhog.  Mom usually floofs up our beds twice a day without being asked.  I thought everyone did that for their kitties.  We can go sleep on mom’s bed then, Kali.  It’s not lumpy.                                              

You gotta admit dad is good at the game “in and out”. He’s right there when I want out and again when I want in. He looks like he’s getting fed up with the game though so we better find a new game.

Look, dad’s giving us lunch.  Mom doesn’t give us lunch.  Dad, I like my food out of a freshly opened tin….I get first dibs.  No, I don’t like turkey!  Kali likes turkey, I like beef.  He doesn’t listen, does he? Well, I prefer lotsa gravy in my turkey pate.  We told you this morning.  I like just a wee bit of gravy in my beef pate.  Let’s switch and then we’ll be happy.  Done deal, Kali.  *Burp* that was tasty and now I could use a nap.  When is mom coming home?  Don’t know but hope it’s soon.  I feel scruffy, I need a good grooming.  Dad would never think of it.  At least he feeds us, Kali.

Treats for no reason!  Mom doesn’t do that.  Oh, dear….dad just dumped them in front of me!  Dad, it was so nice of you to give us treats but we prefer you gave us one at a time.  Then we feel special.                                                    
I got treats dumped by me too.  Oh dear.  Time for mom to come home.  I think I hear her in the living room. 


May your day be warm and the bugs few.                                                       



47 thoughts on “Mom Steps Out For The Day

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well girls, we DO have our own little “likes and dislikes” when it comes to how our humans behave around us – especially at meal time. Obviously your Dad needs more training opportunities – your Mom should treat herself out of the house more often so you two can whip that Dad of yours into shape!!

    Hugs, Teddy


      1. Amy

        My Daddy is good at holding me on his chest in bed last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Mommy won’t let me do that with her. But she is best at feeding me. ~Xena


  2. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Dads never do the food the same way as mums do. Flynn wouldn’t eat his food if it wasn’t smooshed up just the way he liked it.


  3. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    Hmmmmm…now you guys, Kali and Shoko, I have my Dad P totally WRAPPED around my paws. So why don’t you hop into your teleport tunnel and come to my home so’s I can share my secret “Dad Training 101A” class with you.


  4. Piglove

    Squeals! There is never anything like the mommy. But you have to admit friends, we have our daddies snowed in believing anything and everything. They have no clue for the most part. What dad? Of course mom didn’t feed me this morning. See what I mean. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


  5. NylabluesMum

    Mew mew mew oh Cuss-inns Shoko an Kali what a ruff time time you had with yur Pappaw. Mee finkss hee not understand thee attenshun to dee-tailss like our Mumma’ss do!!!!
    At leest there WAS food an treetss…..
    Mee nevurr had LadyMum gone fur more than 6 hourss; mee wood not do well without her!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx


  6. Einstein and Buddy

    Shoo my sweet I love your Valentine Header. I have a nice…. um n
    ever mind… See you soon
    Whisker Kiss
    Kali yoo likin tings lak ah does. Jus da wayz ah lak em an NOO diffurent
    Cuddles mah sweetz


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Einie….I told mom I wanted you in the Valentine but she said “no”, not this time. I could bite her at times.
      snuggle kisses Your Shoo

      Buddy Budd, I do hate change and let mom know it. You too, eh? We have lots in common my mancat.

      Oodles of kissy hugs.

      Kali Kit


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