A Snowy Afternoon to be Thankful

MOL….you look funny Kali…hahaha!!!  What did you do?

I was trying to get that casual look of relaxed and “Devil May Care” whiskers, but mine look like springs.                                                 

Isn’t she gorgeous with the upswept whiskers? *Shoko curls her lip in response.*

I used the whisker curling iron properly…well, I thought I did.                                                 

  Let’s show our friends.  Don’t you dare Shoko!  I’d be so embarrassed.  I’ll use the whisker straightener.  Hot little sucker isn’t it?  There I look like me again.                                           

How bout you Shoko?  What about me?  You would look awesome with a perm.  I happen to have one here.  Umm, OK, we have lots of time and it’s snowing.  Be gentle Kali, I’m not used to this stuff.  Never fear, this will feel like butterflies flicking your head.  I don’t want butterflies flicking my head!  Relax Shoks, this is a perm that lasts for up to six months and then goes back to your normal curl.  I wanted to get extra curly but I don’t have any of those.                                                         

Now we wait until the perm has taken, we apply the neutralizer and comb you out. Here let’s have some treats mom left out. These are good….sorta like biscuits but they taste better.

They are a tad hard…you have em Shoks.  Wow, thanks, Kali.

Did I ever tell you about Muffin?  You mean Muffin from the Lane?  Exactly, the one and only.  She has long ear furs, I’m sure you noticed them.  Ya, I did.  It’s a shame cause she is so pretty otherwise but with this long furs hanging down she looks scruffy.  She decided to perm her ear furs.  NO!!!  You bet she did and she gathered up a perm and got a groomer to perm her ear furs.  The groomer did an excellent job but ear curls are not all they’re cracked up to be.  You have to have the ears for it and the facial structure.  Muffin had neither and just looked ridiculous.  Her curls kept falling very close to her eyes and she’d go cross-eyed trying to see them to bat them out of her way.  It was such a shame.  Her hunting suffered cause of those danged curls.  Other kitties laughed at her.  Finally, her mom cut the furs out of her ears and Muffin was ok once again.  The furs grew back as you saw Shoks, so no problem.  What an experience!


You’re finished Shoko.  I combed your furs out.  I won’t use the blow dryer cause your furs would stick out like I scared the crap outta you.  Here put your head under the dryer.  It will take the chill off.                                                           

How do you like it Shoko? I don’t know….I look all poofy and wet. That’s the “IN” look Shoks.  Perhaps it will grow on me, Kali.  No pun intended.


Now we must join Thankful Thursday at Brian’s joint for his blog hop.  Course you know that Lady Kit lives at Brian’s.  Of course, I knew that, Kali.  Really!!                                                      
Kali and I are thankful for each other, especially on snowy days. This is our favourite picture.

Have a great day friends.

30 thoughts on “A Snowy Afternoon to be Thankful

  1. easyweimaraner

    wow that must be the dernier cri… it looks stunning… and much better than the perm the mama once did at home… she looked like a sheep-poodle and decided to stay in her room for all eternity… butt her heartless pawrents sent her to school anyway ;O)))


  2. Piglove

    OMP! You should be here at the Hotel Thompson. Mom answers all oinks, barks and meows with conversation. We all know she’s not floating with both paddles. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    my stars kali N shoko; your beauty spa treatments are top notch; way better than going to the groomers; purrhaps you should think about opening your own business !! ?? I am happy to hear muffin is fairing well; I know all to well about the long furs issue…indeed ~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*=♥♥


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I’m debating opening my own business. I must discuss it with mom first as she will be doing lots of work. Who will do the kitty’s fur when I decide to I’m tired and want a nap? These things I must think about. We could always do just our friends furs. ummmmm…this is a tough decision dai$y.




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