BlogBlast For Peace

   It’s November the 4th. and Mimi asked us…”How do I find peace in overwhelming times?”                                  PEACE…a word that instills a relaxed attitude, a sigh of relief and a happy smile throughout the world.  Why is this so hard to achieve, then?

Wherever there are people there will be man’s idea of what is right and thusly peaceful.  People need to worship, vote and be happy with their own ideas, not to force these ideas on others….we are all different and as such follow what we feel is right…..this is as it should be without shoving our views on someone else and creating turmoil.  Whether someone is Communist, Socialist, Democratic or content in a dictatorship…..this is the person’s choice, not ours.  Until we let people be, instead of wiping them out because their views are different, we will not gain peace.  If, we accept people with their flaws….we ultimately win.

It is also Artsy Fartsy Caturday at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog.  Visit Athena and see the models for today.

This is a BEAUTIFUL world by Lunapic.                                           

                                                May your heart guide your actions.


26 thoughts on “Blog Blast For Peace…Artsy Too

  1. onespoiledcat

    Oh girls your peace globe before AND after Lunapic is beautiful……….we are blogging for peace today too……we agree with everything you said too ! Hope you have a PEACEFUL Saturday.

    Love, Teddy


  2. 15andmeowing

    I love your peace globe and the artsy version of it is beautiful too. I believe everyone should do as they please as long as it causes no harm to others.XO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marv

    Gosh Kali, Shoko and Mommy! Such eloquent words to go with such wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on World Peace Day! We LOVED them!
    Marv and Barb


  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    wELL…LOVE, FOOD, WATER…you get the idea. We need tolerance first and foremost. I can tolerate your opinion because its yours and I will not try and change you because your view is not mine. Many leaders could benefit from this action.

    Shoko and Kali



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