Sunday’s Selfie with Shoko

It is time for our pal The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie.  I snapped my picture as I was telling a tale of the zombie from hell…Kali wet herself and ran to the kitty litter.  Mom didn’t wet herself but had eyes as big as saucers.  Me?  I had a jolly good mew!                                                   Join our friends and either join the models or have a furry nice compliment for each anipal.

I’m pointing with my eyes to the zombie and who walks up onto the deck but dad after digging in the garden and he was pooped.  That’s when Kali tore out to the kitty litter. MOL  I love it…this is fun.                                                     

41 thoughts on “Sunday’s Selfie with Shoko

  1. Buddy and Einstein

    That is one great story my sweet. I think I see Buddy trembling MOL
    Purrs and whisker kisses

    We seein dat yer gettin inta da Howloweenie moodz! Ah lovin skeery stories an no worries Kali mah dearest ah protect ya from da Zombiez!
    Cuddles and paw pats
    Buddy Budd


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author


      Woo hoo…aren’t scary stories fun. You know I even scared myself with the story. *shh* don’t tell Kali. Then when dad appeared at the sliding glass door…I about fell off my shelf. MOL
      Your lovin’ Shoo


      Oh my stars!! Shoko is a good story teller. She gets right into the story like she’s scared too. I was beside myself….Shoko must be a Stephen King in cat drag. I’d much rather cuddle with you and hide under your big paws.

      Kitty Kali


      1. foguth

        We don’t get much doorbell ringing around here & at the moment, the staff is down with the flu, so that’s a good thing… I have lot of trouble with the door’s deadbolt. >^.^<


      2. foguth

        Humans simply can not be trusted to remember things like that, can they? … Have you noticed that they have no problem recalling when WE need a shot???? >^.^<


  2. samanthamurdochblog

    That was naughty….I could have done with kitty litter myself after Ting leaped out the laundry basket at me…😢😸😢😸


  3. NylabluesMum

    Mee-you Cuss-inn Shoko yur full of miss-chef mee deer…..
    Poor Kali….mee hopes shee furgivess you fur scarin you.
    Yur selfie iss wickedlee gorgeeus….
    **nose kissesss** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xXx



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