Positive Thoughts Help A Struggling Plant

Shoko get away from the prayer plant.  Mom doesn’t want teeth marks in her new plant.  Just examining it for bugs.  Some of these bugs can be pretty small and annoying.  Like yourself, perhaps?  That’s not funny Kali…..I’m being helpful.  That’s true Shoko and I’m sorry for my lack of grace.  I must’ve been in your company too long.


You know Kali, this Prayer Plant needs to be repotted….like now!  It’s very root bound.  How can I get mom’s attention so she’ll repot this Prayer plant.

Is this close enough to the edge of the counter, Kali? I think that did it Shoko, she’s getting the dirt and a new pot.

Mom found a baby plant in the Prayer plant and divided it from the big Prayer plant.  Now they each have a new home.                                                    

Mondays are McGuffy’s Reader‘s day for spreading some positive thoughts into our environment.                                                   

Our positive thought involves the Prayer plant.

My positive attitude that the prayer plant needed repotting led to mom seeing that the prayer plant did indeed need repotting and her finding a baby plant as a positive outcome.

Talk with a stranger as you walk down the street.  You may be the first to speak to him all day.


28 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts Help A Struggling Plant

  1. onespoiledcat

    YAY on finding a surprise baby prayer plant in the big pot with its’ Mom. I hope they will each be happy in their own pot. Love your SPARKS today too girls!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam


  2. Amy

    I learned several years ago that when I run into that totally unengaged store clerk, to compliment them in some way and they will suddenly seem to come to life. That makes both our days a bit better.


  3. samanthamurdochblog

    Hope they grow…Alex’s aloe vera plant had lots of babies coming through…but after what I did to his bonsai I thought I should maybe just leave it alone!! 😸💕xxx


  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    That was the next option…if the plants sitting near the edge of the counter didn’t get mom’s attention, I’d push them onto the floor. Mom couldn’t miss the plant then. MOL




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