Friends, I was so rudely interrupted from my dreams today and forced, against my will, to go for a car ride. Oh no, what was happening…I was drowsy but was very quickly waking up.

Oh, my cod!  I can smell it right away.  It’s the vet’s….cod, it smells yucky in here.

Is it safe to come out?                                             

The coast looks clear.
Why’d they take the lid to my moving bed?  I feel so exposed and nekked.

There’s Dr. Sarah…no don’t….awe….why are you putting me in this basket?  To weigh me?  What?  Really?

Woo hoo!  I’ve gained two pounds!  Guess the appetite stimulant works.  I’m no longer a bag of bones but back to my beautiful figure.                                                     

36 thoughts on “Abduction……Catnapped!

  1. Nylabluesmum

    Mee-you Cuss-inn Kali yur lookin furabuluss! LadyMum said you an Aunty NYLABLUE were so simmylar when goin to thee Vet’ss an not wantin to leeve thee carrier, mew mew mew….
    An yur a sweet Purrincess fur sure!
    **nose kissesss** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You haven’t seen a kitty like me? You must have been delighted to see me then….a new kind of kitty. Actually, I am a Flame Point Siamese. We are different from the regular Siamese like Shoko. We have medium to long fur where Shoko is short furred. My ears, nose, and tail are flame-coloured. My back is getting some flame colouring on it as I get older. My feet though are white. I think the Flame Points aren’t as abundant as the Choclate, Seal and Blue Points. Maybe they’re not as popular.



  2. The Canadian Cats Post author

    I don’t like gaining weight but I lost 3 pounds and have no umph so I guess more eating was called for, I was never a dainty girl….I knocked ornaments off the tables and would fling my paws out at the wrong time and glasses of whatever mom was drinking, would go flying. Everyone knows when I’m up on the furniture. mol




We love mewing with you my friend so pull up a cushion and let's chatter like the squirrels.

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