HAPPY BIRTHDAY EINEY from your Shoo and Kali too


It’s Einey’s birthday celebration today and we’re going over early to set up a surprise for him.  SHHH…don’t tell him.  Buddy Budd,s in on it but he won’t tell.  Kali says he’s a Blue Russian so that must be the Russian mafia.  So, if he told you a secret, he’d have to shoot you.                                                         Happy Birthday, Einey!!

Happy Birthday from me too Einstein.  How do you like your Shoko cake?                                                           

Go over to Einey’s place and enjoy the pawty he’s having at Tomcat Timmy’s Commentary.  See everyone over at Einey’s place.  Come on Kali let’s move it.  Do you think my fur is soft enough for Buddy Budd?  He doesn’t care if you’re bald….he loves you for your personality Kali.  Really? Oh, my!                                           

23 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EINEY from your Shoo and Kali too

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well that Shoko Cake is truly amazing and explosive at the same time! WOW…..well, we are on our way to the pawty at Timmy’s for Einey – Mom remembers when his Dad found him under a bush in the middle of winter all alone and so very tiny. Now he’s a happy and healthy boycat surrounded by so much love from ALLLLLLL of us! See you there!

    Hugs, Teddy



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