We went Strolling in the Merry, Merry Lane


Nice day and jolly well time I was out for some fresh air.  When was the last time you took me out mom?  Must be 87 months ago.  I really missed seeing the neighbourhood.                                                     Woah, look at that veggie garden in the front lawn. Shoko would never be in the garden.  She’s afraid of zombies around the front.  She only spends a very short time at the front door and then whips around the back.                                                             Interesting, he has pumpkins growing under the corn…..they are rather small though.  I wonder?  Maybe we can try this next year.  I’ll tell Shoko about this.  Speaking of Shoko where is she?

Let’s go up the Lane mom and see if she’s hanging out there.                                                  There she is…Hi, Shoks!  Shhhh..Kali, I’m stalking a mouse…well he hit the road now.                                             Sorry Shoks, that was poor manners on my part.  I should have examined the situation but I was just so darn happy to see you.  Come for a ride with me…it’s neat.                                                         

Kali quit hissing at me!  Well, don’t stand on my back then…I’m not your stepping stone…..geez.                                                    May Thursday bring you peace.

25 thoughts on “We went Strolling in the Merry, Merry Lane

  1. easyweimaraner

    how bad that the mouse disappeared… corn and pumkins with mice ragout is a mighty fine meal… maybe that is really a good idea with the corn and the pumpkins… at least you need not much space to get booth… clever ,O)


  2. weggieboy

    Indians used to plant corn, squash, and beans together with a dead fish to feed them. Perhaps Kali dug up the fish?? Oh, you left the fish out? The beans? Regardless, maybe you needed the fish or equivalent to help that pumpkin vine do better. (I enjoyed the outing! Shoko looks so cute in the buggy!)


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Cwap!! That’s what I forgot…a dead fish. Mom has some liquid fish fertilizer but she can’t find it…for heaven’s sake mom, keep track of necessities like that. Really!! Next year we’ll find the fish stuffs.



  3. samanthamurdochblog

    I love seeing you both in the stroller, it looks such fun! I shall get Charlie to ship you some mice from under our shed..Shoko would have no trouble catching them as they seem quite happy to come indoors…😺💕xxx



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