31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Kali Wrapped

  1. Amy

    Kali, I thought you were cold until I read the comments… I hope you feel like eating soon. On a side note, the first appetite stimulant pill I gave Lexi, I gave the whole thing (didn;t read the instructions) instead of 1/4. The poor girl went crazy with hunger!


  2. cecilia07

    Kali…my Crotchety Cougar you are tightly tucked there. Quite enough to make one crotchety
    Hugs and Proud to be crotchety.


  3. 15andmeowing

    We are going to try that on Phoebe tomorrow. The stronger she gets, the more she scratches both of us- how can a cat under 6 pounds be so strong? XO



We love mewing with you my friend so pull up a cushion and let's chatter like the squirrels.

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