An Honour to be Chosen


Last Thursday my bunkie and I went fishing and caught a 4-pound trout.  A beautiful specimen.  Maggie and I released this guy back into the water to stay with his family.                                                  

Thursday evening after the S’Amores competition, the initiates for The Order of the Arrowhead were announced.  Yumpin’ yimmy….I was to be one of the initiates.                                                 

Excuse the big head…the altitude made my head swell. mol

Now, let me explain about The Order of the Arrowhead.  It is a prestigious group for a select few of Cat Scouts.  The best of the best, so to mew.  Well, I was scared and happy and scared…actually terrified but I didn’t want it to show.  So I carried on with my normal routine                                               Friday evening after the Knowledge Bowl, the Arrowhead initiates were turned out into the woods in our cave person outfits.                                                             

We were armed with a blanket, 2 matches, an egg and a compass.

We had to spend 24 hours in the wilds and only use the supplies we were given.                                              

We had to separate from our friends and go our own way without them.

Using my compass I headed due south. Walking for what seemed like hours, I spotted Bobcat tracks and scat…I smelled him too as the wind was on my face. He came around a big boulder and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. I didn’t want to show fear even though all my body parts were trying to shake. I introduced myself as a Sabertooth Cat Scout. He said he’d heard  Cat Scouts are friends of the forest so I was welcome to stay if I wished. I told him about the initiation of The Order of the Arrowhead, spending the night in the forest with just 2 matches, a blanket, egg, and compass. He wished me well and I was on my way. I was very tired so I got two sticks about the same height and put my blanket up like a tent. I was between two trees so I was out of sight I thought. It was almost dawn when I heard a soulful song from a bird. I got up to observe the kind of bird that sings so sweetly.                                                     

It was a Yellow-rumped Warbler. She was singing a sad song because she couldn’t lay any eggs and was longing for young’uns. She spied my egg. I told her this egg probably doesn’t hold a young’un but she insisted I hold a match underneath the egg to see if there was any life in it. To my surprise, there was life in that wee egg and it was wee compared to eggs in the store. I then blew out and broke the match in half and buried it in the dirt. The lady Yellow-rumped Warbler was delighted when I put the egg in her nest. She hopped on the egg and started to sing a happy song. She was going to name her young’un after me….Shoko the…wonder what kind of bird it is? We sat together most of the morning and she told me her tale and soon we were chirping about the egg. She told me where there were large blueberries so I picked berries for my new winged friend and then packed up my tent and scattered the used leaves and headed north by my compass. I stopped at the blueberry patch and had some berries…that’s why my face has a blue tinge to it. Then I padded onward til I made it back to camp.                                                        

We were awarded a diploma for our efforts in the wild.                                                  Mom says she’ll frame my diploma alongside the diploma for the Bobcat Rank back in 2013.

What a week my friends.  I shall never forget my week in Yosemite.                                                      This is my story and I’m stickin’ to it.                                                       

23 thoughts on “An Honour to be Chosen

  1. easyweimaraner

    Oh that was nice to putt the egg in da nest… you are a super cat scout! congrats to your diploma, that was a wonderful adventure… and you were very brave… I probably would howl till the mama comes to rescue me, when I’m alone in the dark ;O)


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I think deep down you are a loving and kind woofie…you’re just young and everything is a challenge to you. Even getting up to start a new day is a challenge. We love you Phenny.


      Shoko and Kali


  2. onespoiledcat

    Concatulations Shoko again on becoming an Arrowhead Scout…..I hope one day I can attain that honor but I’ve got a long way to go first! Angel Sammy says he’ll see you at the Lodge!

    Hugs, Teddy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You’ll make it Teddy but first you must show yourself as the thoughtful and kind kit that I know you are my friend. Angel Sammy was the first Arrowhead initiate and I followed his story in the wild with fascination. Our Sammy was #1 at everything he did.



  3. Amy

    You made two new friends in the wild. You never know how that will become important some day. Won’t that warbler be surprised when a chicken hatches out of that egg!


  4. BionicBasil

    OMC like wow guys that was such an incredible adventure and mew caught a HUGE fish!

    Many concats on becoming an Arrowhead Scout Shoko – that is just so paweome!

    Note to self: must drop into Cat Scouts asap! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox


  5. 15andmeowing

    That was a great story. Congratulations on being inducted into the Order of the Arrowhead. Your Mom must be very proud. XO


  6. samanthamurdochblog

    Amazing! Well done! WHAT an adventure! My girls were thoroughly impressed with your inventiveness, bravery and just how well you sailed through and got your diploma and became a Scout! Great read 😺💕xxx


  7. kittiesblue

    Shoko, I am so proud of you. You are a terrific Cat Scout. I am proud to call you friend. Welcome to the Order of the Arrowhead. You are a great addition to this prestigious group. That certificate is super cool. I didn’t get one of those when I became an Arrow. Hugs and salute, Mau



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