A Letter From Cat Scouts Summer Camp


Kali, it’s so quiet without Shoko thundering down the hall to grab a straw before you do.

Personally, I like it, mom.  A relaxing and quiet time without Shoks blabbing at the crows like some demented squirrel.

Look, Kali, we got a letter. It looks like it’s from Shoko.


Hi Mom, Kali, and Dad,

It’s me….Shoko! I am having so much fun at summer camp.
The first day we got settled in an awesome tent. Maggie is sharing the
tent with me. She’s so much fun. We ate popcorn and chattered into the night…we laughed till I wet myself.

The following day we went fishing and caught a Kokanee salmon.  Pete H. cooked it up on the BBQ with lemon and dill…just like you do mom.  It was delish!

We all went on a hike up this Half Dome Mountain. It was huge and steep….way too steep for Kali, she’d fall down. It was all I could do to hang onto the ropes and poles. MOL.

I wore my new outfit…it fits perfectly mom.                                                   
Did you notice the size of my head? Big, eh? Scout Andy said it was the altitude that gave me a big head. What’s a girl to do?

We finally made it to the top of Half Dome Mountain….what a view!

We got down the mountain a lot faster than going up. We were all back in camp and starving. Maggie and I headed over to the lodge for a fine meal.

In the evening we sat around the campfire and Obi said, I have a question, Denmaster. I was reading the Cat Scout Handbook whilst having my snack and on page fourteen it says that I should pack a poncho and rubbers. What if I\’m nootered?

Everybody started laughing even Denmaster.  I don’t get it mom?  What was so funny, eh?  You can tell me when I get home.

I’ll write again if I get the time mom.


Love to everyone,

Scout Shoko

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33 thoughts on “A Letter From Cat Scouts Summer Camp

  1. onespoiledcat

    Obi cracked me up at Camp with his question……….and when I asked at the Snipe Hunt what hootchy kootchy was, Denmaster told me to ask my Mom when I got home too. Seems Denmaster doesn’t want to handle EDUCATIONAL duties at Scouts!! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. elainefaber4u

    Hope you’re having fun at camp, Shoko. This is a quick note to tell you that our book, BLACK CAT’S LEGACY is free at Amazon for one more day! Here’s your chance to check it out for free. http://tinyurl.com/lrvevgm . Love, Thumper (Black Cat)


  3. Buddy Budd

    That isa grand letter an we waitin fur our from da boyz. Kali mah gal I thinkin me and yoo goltta have sumptin speshul to do just fur us. Maybe ah can plan a nice mini vacation fur us. Yep Yep ah gonna do it. Have any ideas where yoo want to go? We will do a bit of travlin and then ah take yoo to my secret garden and we have the best day long picnic an maybe even camp a little.
    Yer Bloo Fella
    Buddy Budd


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Au Buddy Boo…I would love to go away with you to some exotic beach where we could be warm and I could wear my bikini…maybe get a tan so I wouldn’t be quite so flame coloured. MOL

      Kali Kit…smoochies


  4. Deziz World

    Hmmmmm I’s wonder why sis Dezi hasn’t written us a letter. Maybe she fell off da dome thingy. I’s better have mommy call and check on her. Have fun Kali. I’s think it’s nice bein’ alone with mommy too. Big hugs

    Luvs ya’



      1. Deziz World

        Fanky fanks Kali. Mommy’s doin’ much better and better ever day. Hopefully soon, she’ll be all healed up and back to a new normal. big hugs

        Luvs ya’



  5. samanthamurdochblog

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time…I must confess I don’t really like camping…too many bugs!!! 😱🐛🐜🐝🐞😱


  6. Princess Leah

    Well, what an amazing and fun time you are having at camp Shoko AND you got to eat popcorn, yum, yum
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  7. 15andmeowing

    That was a nice letter with great photos from Shoko. Sammy wrote to me, but just asked me to come get him because he misses me 🙂 XO



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