Happy 4th of July America


Kali it’s The Fourth of July.  America’s Independence Day.  A great cause for celebration….like our Canada Day.

Buddy and Einstein are coming to take us over to their place for a celebration.  I’m so excited.

                                             Shoko they’re here…*giggle, giggle*

Oh Buddy, you look so spiffy.  Shoko will be here in a moment.

                                                                You are my charmer Einey.

See ya later mom.  Come join us over at Buddy and Einey’s place at Tomcat Commentary by Tim. 

Simply click on Timmy’s name and have some delicious seafood. Yummy!

24 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July America

  1. Buddy Budd

    Come on Kali my sweetest I will help ya git into the Tranzfer Tunnel.
    Einsteiner git movin dood. Whut takin yoo so longer?
    Shoko give him a nip in the…

    Einstein: “Ouchie, I’m moving Shoko!”
    *Einstein and Shoko disappear into the tunnel*

    Har Har Har a purrfect nip in the Buttocks Har Har Har
    See you at our houze frenz!
    *Buddy heads into the tunnel zipping to the Tomcat Home.*



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