A Surprise Visitor With a First Class Idea

PHOEBE….. Green


Hi Phoebe!  I haven’t seen you in like forever.  Come to think of it you’ve never been to our place.                                                                              Hey Kali it’s neat here.  Only you and Shoko live here with your mom and dad?   Yep, I like that cause you could get attention immediately if not sooner.  I’d miss Sammy P and a couple of the others though.  It’s a happy place at 15 and Meowing.

Here Phoebe have a Mint Junip.  They are very tasty.  All the ingredients are organic and straight from our garden.                                                              

Mmmm, tasty Kali.  I suppose you’re wondering…what I’m doing here and what do I want.  It has crossed my mind Phoebe.  Everything OK?  Hmm….oh of course everything at home is fine.  I was thinking about us more experienced female felines.  The ones that are 15 and over.  We should have a special place for just us ladies to hang out.  Our interests are different from the young uns’.  I like it Phoebe!  How about a badge that is descriptive of us with member cards?  That sounds good Kali.                                                                                           We look sharp KaliThat’s cause we are Phoebs.                                                                           Here is the member card.  We’ll tell everyone that this is a social group open to any female feline 15 or over.  Mom says anyone that joins, she will make them a hat.  Wow,  your mom must be talented.  Wouldn’t your mom make a hat for members?  Yea, she would make them a hat but nobody would appreciate her effort ….mom doesn’t crochet or sew very well.

Interested in joining ,contact Kali at jeanneil@telus.net or Phoebe at 15 and Meowing.                                                                             

39 thoughts on “A Surprise Visitor With a First Class Idea

  1. onespoiledcat

    WOW what a totally cool idea! Crotchety Cougars sounds like a lively group – and red hats like the “Red Hat Society” – how appropo! Wish I knew some older ladies I could refer to your Club but alas I don’t….you two are already IN !!

    Love and Hugs, Teddy


  2. easyweimaraner

    that is a fab group… and the hats are art pieces… you look super great!! and Mint Junip with Phoebe sounds good… that’s what real ladies do in june… they drink june-nip’s ;O)


  3. Anarette

    That is a great idea. Ms Zulu could be in that group, she is almost 12 and that’s more than 15 in cat years for sure. She would be good at herding the group. Benji


  4. Amy

    This sounds like it would be so much fun that it makes me wish I had a “mature” cat who could join.Love the “red hat society” knockoff.


  5. databbiesotrouttowne

    my stars kali; your new club sounds FABulous…I turned 14 this year so now I have something to look forward to next year….then the year after that I shall drive a car and not care what the law says ~~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y and waves two you shoko; ♥♥


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Cool Dai$y. Yep, join us next year and we can rock the seams off the ladies stockings. Kali for got about driving at 16. She’s trying to hit mom up for a car as a Gotcha Day present next year. MOL



  6. samanthamurdochblog

    Oh-oh…Charlie’s in a huff…she says she’s not old enough to join as she’s only seven…even though she’s as brave as a cougar! 😸💕xxx


  7. Nylabluesmum

    Mee deerest Purrincess Phoebe an sweet Cuss-inn Kali mee not fink of youss’ as ‘crochety’ bye any meenss!! Yur both beeuteefull an luvley…
    Say can LadyMum join thee Coe-gurr Club?? Shee iss 61 Hu’mann ‘crochety’ yeerss….an mee wood LUV to see her inn a hat, mew mew mew mew….
    Oh here shee comes…gotta run….
    Cuss-inn Dharth Henry =^,.^=



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