Some Alone Time In The Garden

What a beautiful day.  Hey mom, are you weeding….good, the garden was a disgrace.  I’ll roll in this freshly weeded area. 

                                                              Oh, that feels so good to feel the dirt rub against my furs.  Mom isn’t looking, is she?  I think I’ll stretch out again. MOL

                                                                    I could do this all day but here comes mom so *mum’s the word.*  No I haven’t been rolling in the dirt,  Who made those rolling marks?  That was Shoko, she came over here rolled in the dirt and then left.  Um…the dirt on my back?  Gee, I think dad threw it at me and it stuck.  I get the feeling you don’t believe me mom. 

                                                                                No way did I need a sponge bath!  How rude of you mom!  I cleaned myself  earlier today.  Although I do look fluffier and there are no more dirty marks all over me bod.

                                                                           Ahhh….that brush feels so good.  Keep it up mom.

                                                                         Don’t tell mom but the brushing almost makes it worthwhile to have a sponge bath….purrrrr                                                                        


43 thoughts on “Some Alone Time In The Garden

  1. easyweimaraner

    I love that kind of rock n’ roll too Kali…. I told mom it is a kind of celebrating earth day and our planet deserved it that we celebrate that roll-y-day much often, right?


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Nothing feels the same as warm, freshly turned soil on the bod. That’s why we keep rolling in the dirt. It is a way of honouring mother earth. Thank you Mother Earth. MOL



  2. weggieboy

    Mmmm! Dirt bath! I remember how shocked I was the first time I saw a cast roll in dirt, but she clearly was having a wonderful moment. Of course, a light cleaning and a good brushing afterwards sounds like an even better deal! Happy cat, happy human, to paraphrase the saying.


  3. Princess Leah

    Oh that sounds like a pawfect day (apart frum the sponge bit) a nice roll in the freshly turned soil and then a brush of the furs, bet that made you PURR!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  4. mommakatandherbearcat

    And here I thought Bear Cat was the only cat who enjoys rolling in dirt. The first time he did it, I think he enjoyed my horrified look. I love the photo of Kali being brushed … that’s a content cat!


  5. juliea

    Most soft furred creatures take dust baths, my son and daughter in law have a Chinchilla (he is so cute!) and they have special dust you need to buy just to keep them clean and soft and shiny. I guess the dust helps kill fleas also. He is so cute when he rolls around in his little dust bath tub and he sure loves it. This is perfectly normal for animals to take dust baths. Don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. It keeps you soft and shiny!



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