Post 1372: postcard from abroad…

We haven’t had much to say lately cause of the European bug mom and dad picked up on their travels so we are reblogging a wonder blog that mentions us and mom. Mom and dad are slowly getting better. They are really boring right now so here’s to some activity in the near future.


One of the benefits of living with minor international kitty celebrities is other international kitty celebrities send them postcards from abroad. What fun!


Many of you know the Canadian Cats and their human, Jean. Or I hope you do! Shoko and Kali are two of my top favorite Internet kitties, and Jean is one really sweet and thoughtful person.

Kali (left) and Shoko, “The Canadian Cats”

But this is about postcards from abroad…from celebrity cats, so here’s what Shoko and Kali (and Jean!) sent us, a souvenir of their recent visit to one of my favorite cities, Paris. 

 How fun is that!? (See the two kitties in the lower right hand corner?) Thanks, kitties and Jean. I really enjoyed the postcard!

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16 thoughts on “Post 1372: postcard from abroad…

  1. elainefaber4u

    So sorry to hear you are under the weather! That’s the price you pay for going on the grand vacation! Rats! Hope you feel better real soon. I’ll add you to my prayer list for a quick recovery. Give the ktities a kiss for us. Amber has not been too well this past week, but I think is improving! 😦 It’s always something with her! My little sickling!. Blesssings.


  2. Flynn

    Postcards are always fun to receive, and it was nice that he blogged about his card from you. I hope your mum and dad soon feel better.


  3. onespoiledcat

    I hope you’re taking care of your sick Mom and Dad girls! I guess they had just a little TOO MUCH FUN on their trip!!!! They sent my Mom and Dad a post card too…….YAY!

    Love, Teddy


  4. Amy

    I saw this on WedgieBoy’s blog. How great your Mom and Dad are to send these cards! I know it must have made people’s day. Tell them both I said to feel better soon.


  5. samanthamurdochblog

    How nice to share the adventure! I hope Mom and Dad are feeling better – you must be pleased to have them home 🐱 xxx


  6. easyweimaraner

    I’m so sorry that this evil flu bug came with your pawrents from europe to catnada… hope that evil bug will run away soon, that’s not the souvenir we want, right? … maybe some hisses will chase that bug away?


  7. The Canadian Cats Post author

    I can’t wait to read it. Maybe this is what I should do…pick up a couple of postcards when I’m out and just mail them to blogging friends. We all like getting mail.

    Love Shoko and Kali and mom too



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