Bionic Basil’s Adventure With Us

We reblogged this post from Bionic Basil’s blog.  Do stop by and visit with these awesome English kitties.

Now it’s time for our Canadian Cats Report.

As mew will know Shoko & Kali’s pawrents came to visit us in Sleepy Hollow last Sunday and we had a truly terrific time.

The P.A. & Dad picked up Bill & Jean from the station and took them to see Southwell Minster which is about 2 miles from our house.  It’s a 900 year old Romanesque Cathedral and it’s amazing, they were so lucky to be there at midday when the bells were ringing, listen it’s beautiful.

Then they came back to Bionic Basil HQ for tea and cake and to meet us.

I greeted our guests and offered them a comfy napping spot before we began the tour, as travelling always makes mew a bit tired. So aftur a quick catnap we headed into the garden.

“Shoko, Kali if mew would follow me I’ll show mew our Control Room,” I said.

Some of The ‘B’ Team were already there and we got settled while the rest of the team explained a few things about the bunker before we went back up top and into the garden.

“Hang a on sec,” I said with my toothiest grin effur. “We’ve got a surprise fur mew!”

The bunker hatch slid back with a low rumbling sound and then the tank appeared on the lift and Humphrey drove it on the lawn.  The hatch closed with a soft thwump.

“Guys it’s all yours!” I laughed as Shoko and Kali furry gracefully jumped onto the tank.

“Best day effur!” Shoko smirked.

“WOO HOO!” Kali whooped.

We would have loved fur them to stay longer and purrhaps join us on one of our adventures, but then it was sadly time fur them to leave, as we had to take them back to the station to catch their train.

Guys mew know when mew’re having fun as the time passes so quickly and their visit seemed to be offur far too fast, but we had the best day and loved meeting Bill & Jean and Shoko & Kali, thank mew so much fur coming to see us, and come back anytime!

Happy Hopping
Sweetest purrs & nose bumps
Basil & Co xox

[Bunker picture used under licence from]

16 thoughts on “Bionic Basil’s Adventure With Us

  1. easyweimaraner

    oh my…. a real tank… and a hummer and a bunker and you visited the REAL sleepy hollow… oh boy that is so super good…. and I couldn’t cross the channel because of the rules of that eurostar… sigh…


  2. Amy

    Wow, Bionic Basil’s control room looks like something out of D.C. Comics! What’s he do down there, anyway? Shoks, I didn’t know you smirk…


  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    kali N shoko….how total lee awesum ewe getted ta visit ……well mom N dad….getted ta vizit basil’s place….mega awesum soooper grate kewl & stuff….thanx for sharin de add venturez…we noe de flatz hada awesum time two !! ☺☺♥♥


  4. Buddy Budd

    Ah seen yoo Kali over at Basil’s house. You gals shur had fun fun fun wit dat tank. Did ya know me and Einie tunnel teleported to Mom and Dads room to clear out sum unwanted guestz. Yep Yep we shur did.
    Love ya Kali and Einie sending his purrs Shoko
    Yer Big Bloo
    Buddy Budd


  5. Nellie

    Oh Wow! I bet your parents were filled with shock and awe when they saw that tank!
    I’m so very happy they got to see Nellie on their way through. Now I guess it’s my turn to make it up to see you two!
    Love Barb



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