England Swings In Spite of Mom and Dad

Mom will step through our front door on Thursday so we have Tuesday as the final day for entertaining.  We must help Judy and tidy Fort Meezer before mom is home.  We had a ball and want to do it again soon.  Thanks to all our friends for helping us enjoy and ransack the house. MOL  Loves ya.

Shoko and Kali 


Sunday Selfies #139 Gorgeous Garden Selfies & Blog Hopping with Cat on my Head

Supurr salutations pawesome furriends
Welcome to another beautiful Sunday on the blog!
Today it’s supposed to be 20 C and as it’s early morning we’re waiting to see if it actually does get that warm because if so, it’s going to be epic.
Also today the P.A. and Dad are meeting up with Shoko & Kali’s pawrents and they’re coming to visit us here in Sleepy Hollow, how freaking exciting is that? WOO HOO all the way from Canada into the wilds of our little village!
So exciting on so many levels, and we’ll hopefully get some pictures with Shoko and Kali too, anyhoo we’ll defo have a report fur mew next week.
It’s time to share this weeks selfie theme, which is really obvious actually! MOL
Gorgeous Garden Selfies
*    *    *
Wishing mew all a supurr day with lots of sun puddles and mega warmz
Bestest Sunday Purrs
Basil & Co xox

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linky coming later….

17 thoughts on “England Swings In Spite of Mom and Dad

  1. Princess Leah

    It was pawsome funs meeting your Peeps in England, I had a GREAT time!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  2. onespoiledcat

    Kali and Shoko, I think your Mom and Dad are having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES visiting in France and the UK…….I also bet they will be happy to be home again with you girls so you’d better get Fort Meezer SHIP SHAPE in a big hurry. It’s been fun though hasn’t it? Having the place to yourselves???? Sigh……..

    Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  3. Buddy Budd

    We know yoo missin Mom and Dad no matter the fun we all havin playin and runnin and nommin an cuddlin. Ah gonna miss ya Kali Kat
    Hugs n whisker kisses
    Yer Buddy Budd


  4. Deziz World

    Dat’s so pawsum girls. We sure wish we could meet your pawrents. And ya’ll too of course. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    PeeEss: Tell your pawrents fanks fur da post card. we luvved hearin’ from them.


  5. Nellie

    Your pawrents is certainly getting around! Ladies, they is coming to my castle tomorrow! Mes told Mommy she must makes a pot roast for supper so they can spend more time admiring beautiful ME! Mes thinks your pawrents would likes a home cooked meal after all that travelling…mes hopes they likes pot roast!
    Your Nellie Bellie


    1. Nellie

      My Mommy just tooked you Mommy and Daddy back to their hotel. Mes hopes yous got the place cleaned up…they will be home tomorrow !
      Kisses Your Nellie Bellie



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