Things are Lookin’ Good

*sigh*  Are you leaving us mom?  Ummm…just for a short while Kali. Who will read to us and give us treats?  Is dad staying home?  N no…he’s coming with me.  Judy will stay with you every evening she’ll be here and she’ll give you treats.  When I get home, I’ll read to you.    Maybe Judy will even read to you.                                                             

Shoko and I will do our best mom and welcome Judy to our house. Glad to hear it Kali.                                                                          Shoko, mom has no idea what’s going to happen when she’s gone. MOL  Great, the coast is clear Kali.                                                               

May your pawty have no poopers.                                                                   

41 thoughts on “Things are Lookin’ Good

      1. samanthamurdochblog

        Oh no! I wouldn’t shut my door in your face 😦 You will just have to practise looking really…really…sad xoxo And then of course guilt trip Mom into bringing you loads of presents back 🙂 xxx


  1. Piglove

    Have fun sweet friends. But remember, don’t do anything my humans wouldn’t do… that should give you a pretty far stretch. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Okay is it clear now? party-party-party!


  2. Flynn

    Yayyy, party time! Will you be having a house trashing party? I’ll get my claws good and sharp ready for the curtains.
    I hope your mum and dad have a lovely time. Is this their trip to Europe?


  3. Amy

    I have never seen Lucy around cats, but Riley lived with two for a couple of years. He used to guard his food so they wouldn’t eat it. Maybe he can come party. Or Piper, who is also cat friendly in the furs. 🙂


  4. Einstein

    We sure will big brofur! Can’t wait to see you Shoo. I want to cuddle and kissy fur a bit befur the games begin cause I love you dearest
    Kissy Kissy
    Your Man Cat


    1. kandykid


      Cuddles and sucking face sound good to me my man. We must show the others how to play these cool games. Kissy Einey… sure are handsome.



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