Wrapping The Investigation Up Like Fish and Chips

I must ask you Sherl, why the get up?  Oh Shoko, I have a horrible headache and the sun seems so bright today!                                                                                 chglassesbowYou look as if you’ve found something new, Sherl.  I have Shoko.  It was right in front of our faces but we couldn’t see it.  The nip amplified my deductive reasoning.  It was elementary, dear Shoko.  Oh really?

We have a photo of Elfin John’s stab wounds.  We compared these to everyone’s teeth and fangs that entered the house over the last month to no avail.  So we have exhausted all possible leads except one.

The evidence:                                                                     suspectteethmarks-jpgSee how the fang marks match perfectly with the puncture wounds.  I see Sherl.  So you know who did it?  It was pure deduction my dear girl.   When all other possibilities have been dismissed, then the one remaining, however improbable is the correct possibility.

Who did it?  It was the ….the…                                                                          dryermonster1smDRYER MONSTER.  You know, the one that eats your dad’s socks and steals face cloths.  Dryer monster why did you bite Elfin John?  What I can’t hear you?  He says cause Elfin bugged him. Believe me Elfin can be very trying but no one deserves to be punctured.  How did he bug you…um..what is your name?  It’s ok you can whisper it to me.  Diego the dryer monster.  Nice name.  You say Elfin would hang by his slippered feet from the top of the dryer and make faces at you through the glass.  Seriously?  Dude that would irk the cwap outta me too.  Still no excuse to puncture the guy.                                                         aamonster-1Tell me Diego, how did you get at Elfin and then throw him in the garbage without leaving paw prints.?  He says one day mom left the dryer open so he grabbed Elfin by his face and flung him into the garbage. He is surrendering to you Sherl.  I will turn him over to the dryer bobbies or as you say here in Canada, the dryer RCMP.  They can reprimand him.

Thank you for your hospitality Shoko and Kali.  We shall meet again.                                                                            chardeleaving

We thank Charlie of samanthamurdochblog for using her deductive powers to discover our culprit.  Pop on over and visit with Charlie.  Her mom is a bit of a crystal nut and always seems to have info about crystals we were not aware of.                                                                         sistersinarmswinter




32 thoughts on “Wrapping The Investigation Up Like Fish and Chips

  1. easyweimaraner

    ha Sherl turned into Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice… therefore probably the sun came out too…. guess what? the dryer monster looks like my yellow christmouse monster…. shall I better buy a cage for that thing?


  2. Piglove

    Snorts!! I think there might be a Diego that lives here. Someone is always taking Houdini’s clothes. HA! Great deductions Sherl – very impressed. XOXO – Bacon


      1. Piglove

        You know I think you may be right. Mom’s socks are always matching mates. And one time, dad’s Angry Bird shirt came up missing for over a week. This does sound like a mystery dear friends. XOXO – Bacon


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Oh that would be gweat. We don’t want Diego on parole and eating our socks but perhaps we could make that a condition of his parole, if, he’s found eating clothes or biting those in the house…parole is terminated.


      Liked by 1 person

  3. samanthamurdochblog

    I knew Sherl/Charlie wouldn’t let you down! So pleased she solved the mystery for you ( although to be honest, I still don’t like Elfin John very much..) If you can remind Charlie to stop off at the duty free for me and to hurry home as I have developed an unreasoning fear of the dryer…
    Thank you very much, ladies, for your hospitality and the kind mention 🙂 :)xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nannanb69

    We have not has a dryer monster here in a long time! We are happy the case is solved. Will Diego get to go back to his dryer?


  5. onespoiledcat

    Well, what an interesting conclusion to the CASE OF THE PUNCTURED ELFIN. The dryer monster – I must admit I’m surprised. I knew it wasn’t Cow Kitty but never suspected the dryer! I love a good mystery…….

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Marty the Manx

    So THAT is what that naughty dryer monster looks like! He is a menace! Sherl is a great help, we are going to have to go meet her!
    Marty and the Gang



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