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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Coming Home and Gift #9

Mes had the bestest time the last few days at Kali and Shoko’s (Canadian Cats)!!
Their Mommy and Daddy are amazing!
Cow Kitty was a really good sport for the photo shoots and he is a new furrend.
So is Marvin the Moose!
It was tough to say goodbye and comes home.
Mes loved it so much, mes made my fun with friends my Gift #9!
PS Mommy, mes has missed yous. Can yous turn on the heated mattress pad and can wes goes to bed early and has cuddles, and can yous clean the house so mes can invite Flynn, Austin and Katie over for a Cuddle Pawty later this week?
Sees yous soon!!!

17 thoughts on “Reblogged From Nellie On The Edge

    1. Nellie

      Did yous gets my super fine cat furs up your nose? Mes really good at getting it everywhere and making the peoples sneeze! Mes will miss yous guys! Blogging like this has been totally fun!
      Nellie Bellie


      1. The Canadian Cats Post author

        These cat furs are yours? We thought they were Kali’s…she shed furs if we look at her funny. So your furs will just join Kali’s and if we sneeze so be it. We’d rather see you and sneeze than not ever see our bud.

        Shoko and Kali


  1. Nellie

    Kali, Shoko darlings, its just not going to bes the same without yous guys!!!
    Mes looking forward to coming back!
    Many Kisses (and extra for your Mommy)



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