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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Gift – Day #4

Here is a picture of a LOVELY day mes spent with Doc in Australia. Mes would has posted it yesterday, but Mommy was busy and had yesterday’s post all cued up before!
Doc thought he would treat Nellie to a spin in the sunshine..
he filled the car with flowers and off they went…
windows down..
sun shining..
they had a blast
From the wonderful heat of Australia, mes heading to frozen tundra of the Great White North (what some people’s calls nothern Canada).
Mes going to visit my grrl furrend Kali and my protégé Shoko in Prince George!!!
They wanted to cheers mes up because mes been sick. Mommy said it was OK so long as mes did not over exert myself and mes was polite to Kali and Shoko’s Mommy and Daddy. Mes LOVES their Mommy and Daddy. Mes meeted them last year!
Mes cuddling with Kali & Shoko’s Mommy
 It’s cold here in Vancouver, but it is even colder up there! Mes will has to gets my parka out of storage! Mes has not weared it since mes left Midway. Mes still remebers when mes gotted it when mes lived in Edmonton.  Mes hopes it still fits!
Now excuse mes while mes goes digging! 
Mommy can yous keeps a eye out for the Magic Carpet?
Its here!?!
Hi Grrls! 
This is going to bes FUN!!!!
Stay tuned for more of my trip and keeps a eye on Shoko and Kali’s Blog too for more of my adventure!!!Now Today’s Gift!!

Does yous thinks that Kali and Shoko’s folks will think the same thing?

13 thoughts on “Reblogged From Nellie On The Edge

  1. databbiesotrouttowne

    kali & shoko….how total lee awesum ewe getted two vizit with nellie…tell her knot
    ta get two crazee coz smoke & joe iz gonna bee sworn inta office round de 20th N
    they will knead ther cam pane managurr bye ther side ta say thanx ~~~~~~~ N joy
    yur day galz !!!!!♥♥♥


  2. Nellie

    Wow! Flying by carpet is quite a adventure! Mes loves it!
    And it’s so good to gets away from Mommy. Sgt
    He worries too much.
    Thanks for inviting mes ladies!
    Yous Rocks!
    Your Nellie Bellie



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