Easy We Love Ya

Normally this is a happy blog and a place of sanctuary from the battering of life but last night Easy left us for the Rainbow Bridge.  We adored Easy and he was a good friend to us girls, often offering us DIY info.  When you get down to it, Easy was a friend to all in Blogville.  He loved everyone.                                               easyThanks Sammy of, One Spoiled Cat.  You have managed to put together a beautiful tribute picture for us to remember him by.

We loved Easy and will always adore his memory.  At this sad time, a picture keeps popping up in mom’s mind and it warms her heart.  We wish to share it with you and it is meant in love and respect.                                                                easys-tunnelEvery time mom looks at this picture of Easy arriving at Shoko’s 7th Gotcha Day Party from France, she gets a smile on her face.  We hope it brings a smile to your face also.

Watch over all your friends in Blogville, Easy.  We love ya!                                                       easy-looking-at-shokoWe will always be your Catada Cats.




41 thoughts on “Easy We Love Ya

  1. Marty the Manx

    Oh Nooooo! We are so shocked! We are going over right now to leave loves for Easy’s Staff. This is a beautiful post for wonderful Easy. Love to you all in this sad sad time.
    Marty and the Gang


  2. onespoiledcat

    Easy was everyone’s hero and everyone’s favorite fun clown…..he could make us laugh like nobody else and you couldn’t be sad if you TRIED when you read what Easy and his family were up to every day. He will always be missed…….it’s a heartbreaking loss for his Mom, Dad, and all of us who loved him.

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. foguth

    It is always difficult when a beloved furiend crosses the bridge. In this case, blogville gains a new guardian angel, so while this isn’t a great trade, it is better than nothing.


      1. foguth

        Also, as long as we remember them, they’re never truly gone.
        For years, I have lived with the belief that Rom went from being my best cat ever, to becoming my guardian angel. Having a cat for one’s angel is a bit strange, but life is certainly interesting having a feline in that position 😉


  4. Nylabluesmum

    SWEET tribute Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali!!!
    Yur thee sweetest gurlss inn thee werld. An wee did giggull lookin at thee Easy foto….wee nevurr new where hee wood ‘pop uppy’ did wee????
    ***paw kissesss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx


  5. Nellie (who use to be the cat from hell)

    What great memories of easy yous guys has! He is such a character! mes has been to visits him a couple of times and he comed to a few of my big pawties!!! One of my favorites was watching him and Goose dancing with each other in their tuxedos!! they was fighting over was leading.
    Many Kisses Dear furrends!



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