The  Cat on my HeadThe Cat On My Head is hosting a blog hop of selfies.  So here I am ready to take my place.  This selfie wasn’t hard as I just clicked the snap on the pole and I’m done.                                                                    1113Please go take a gander at the other anipals showing their best side on The Cat On My Head blog.  Simply click on The Cat on my Head and be whisked away.                                                                                     sistersinarmsfall


  1. Marjorie Dawson

    Kali, you look beautiful, especially with your flower. Happy Sunday selfie!

    We apologise for not visiting last week, with the earthquake we rather lost track and will try extra hard this week by sharing each post as we go.

    The Dash Kitten Crew


    1. Shoko Neilson

      Thank you so much Athena. You know mom went out instead of doing my Arty Caturday. I couldn’t believe it. She said we needed food. How unorganized can she be. See ya next week on Arty Caturday.
      Kitty Kisses,



  2. Nylabluesmum

    Oh-la-la Kali yur Selfie iss beeuteefull…….flowerss REELLY suit you Cuss-inn!!!
    ***paw kissesss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx
    Pee s: Wee will bee offline frum Tuesday til Furiday or Katurday! Tessa Pee Cee iss goin inn fur reepairss!!


  3. Buddy Budd

    Oh Kali mah lovin gal yoo is soo pretty!! Ah sorree fur not comin by as much as ah shudda. Ah feelin gud gud cuz Dad givin me mah steroiders again. Feeling so good ah chasin Toberz MOL. Anymeow ah will be dreamin about ya tonight an all week. Ah Thankful fur your loving and Einie is thanful fur Shoo.
    Yer Big Buddy Budd


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      OH my Buddy! You sure do brighten my day. I chased Cow Kitty out of the house earlier. Dang kits…they think they know everything. He’s scared of me anyway. MOL Right on…I’m delighted you feel so good. Those steroids seem like the cat’s meow, so to mew. I had a reaction to prednisone so mom is a little apprehensive about anything else for me. I have medicam and it does help when I get really sore. They don’t have steroid shots up here or so the vet said. I am doing ok but I sleep a lot.

      You have fun and gimme a snuggle my big boy.

      Kissy kissy….Kali



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