An Interview With Ling-Ling Odboddy

We have a treat for our friends today.  An interview with Ling-Ling, the beautiful Siamese cat from Elaine Faber’s series on Mrs. Agnes Odboddy.  The first book is called : Mrs. Odboddy:  Hometown Patriot.  This lady is so sweet and harmless looking but watch out citizens of Newbury.                                                                         aaaling-lingspeaks Ling- Ling, what a unique name.  What does it mean? Who really knows? It could mean, ‘who put broccoli in my bowl?’ Or, ‘someone is sleeping in my chair.’ A rose by any other name… Mrs. Odboddy can call me anything, as long as she calls me to dinner…

 From my understanding, it wasn’t your choice to live with Agnes Odboddy.  What was your first reaction when you met Mrs. Odboddy? Agnes rescued me when Lily Jengu and her family went to the Japanese Internment Camp. My first thought was relief that I wouldn’t be homeless. Second thought was, no more sushi and fish soup. Now, I’d have to eat ox tails and kidneys. I had no idea cow innards were so tasty.

What kind of lovin’ does Mrs. Odboddy give?  She seems so busy searching for Nazi spies and evil plots against the war effort, one must wonder if her cream still rises to the top. Mrs. Odboddy isn’t exactly the ‘lovin’ type.’ She is too busy rolling bandages, collecting cans, volunteering at the Ration Office and on the Coast Watch or chasing bad guys.  

 What happened with those chickies?  Is it true you jumped in and killed a chicken?  You, a beautiful cross-eyed Siamese would kill a chicken?  What happened to it? Now, I ask you? What self-respecting Siamese killing-machine would allow six chickens to reside in the bathroom and not perpetrate a Black-Ops mission? Of course I snagged one of the feathered fowl. I would have eaten it too, except Agnes’s boyfriend took it away from me and put it in the garbage can. What a waste!

Ling-Ling, did you find Agnes Odboddy’s weird lifestyle grew on you and you woke up wondering what would happen today? She certainly kept my head spinning. Agnes was involved with the doings at the First Church of the Evening Star and Everlasting Light, volunteered for every imaginable war effort, and tried to expose conspiracies. There was no telling what she might do on any given day. And, should I tell you about the day. Mrs. Roosevelt came to a funeral in town? Oh my goodness, didn’t that turn into a fiasco? How could I possibly keep up?

 Do you get treats Ling-Ling?  I know there is a war going on and Mrs. Odboddy uses her ration book for the popular items such as sugar and coffee but what about bacon or something as good….does she share with you? I don’t think I’ve ever tasted bacon. I get lots of cream. That’s the thick stuff that separates from the milk and comes to the top in the milk jug. It’s real yummy. Agnes says that’s why I have such beautiful blue eyes and soft fur. Maybe when the war is over, I’ll learn about bacon. Until then, if your friends want to know more about me, Agnes and her lovely granddaughter, Katherine, they can buy the e-book, Mrs. Odboddy – Hometown Patriot, at Amazon for $3.99. I think they’d like us.



May your chicken never mate with a cement  mixer.  You don’t need to raise  a brick layer.


24 thoughts on “An Interview With Ling-Ling Odboddy

  1. easyweimaraner

    impressing… a feline weimaraner named Ling-Ling :O) don’t be sad, I also never had bacon… but once when I win the lottery I will buy my own bacon… and I’ll send the biggest piece to you :O)


  2. elainefaber4u

    thanks, Shoko and Kali for a GRRReat interview. I hope your friends will want to get to know us better and buy our book! There’s more excitement in there than I could possibly share in this short interview. Elaine


      1. samanthamurdochblog

        Thank you! It was lovely to read and with a Siamese of my own called Ting Tong how could I not!(Although she’s more of a stay at home kind of girl..)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. elainefaber4u

      One spoiled cat to another… You look like a pretty cool character yourself. Do you like cat mysteries?
      WWII history?
      chuckles and giggles?
      If any of the above, you’ll LOVE Mom’s book! See you between the pages.


      1. elainefaber4u

        Actually, Shoko, the next book will most likely not be out until January, since my editor has been on vacation. What with all the Black Ops chicken missions and chasing rats around Newbury, one barely has time to record one’s adventures, does one? I’m sure your ‘peeps’ will agree. MOL!!! Wuuwhaaahaaahaha!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Amy

    Shoko, you are a good interviewer. Good thing you had on your collar or I might have gotten you and Ling Ling mixed up. Thanks for the intro. 🙂


      1. elainefaber4u

        Better to see you with, my dear. A little blurr around the edges makes you much better looking… Ling-Ling


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