Trippin’ On The Keys


Mom and dad waved ‘so long’ to Miami and headed past the airport….again.  I guess all roads lead towards the airport.  This time heading down the Keys.

miamist                               miamibeachsmmaimisunsetsmThey started out at 7am so they could reach Key West in plenty of time to see the sights before driving halfway back to Miami to catch the plane at 8am the next day.

kalicroppedWhat, they went past the airport, again?  How boring…I’m glad I wasn’t there.

Dad put on his GPS but the entire way down the Keys was straight.

They went over bridges to the next Key.  In the distance was the old bridge.  The old bridge looked very well-built and all of a sudden a section would be gone…                                                                             oldb1      The picture with the section missing has mom’s reflection on the glass so we chose not to use that one.

There first stop was for lunch and a look about on Key Largo.                                               cafe I never saw a Bail Bond place that also had a private investigation agency in it.

bbHey, I can’t see a private investigation agency!

closeMuch better viewing.  Mom said she was terribly impressed.  They finished up and were on the road again.

They finally arrived at Key West….mom was ready to strangle someone….she is not the sitting patiently type.  She wanted to go to Hemingway’s House and see all of the polydactyl cats.  Dad was cursing at the peeps pedaling their bikes, driving mopeds and just plain walking all over the road.  They needed a break.

Mom said seeing all the 6 toed kitties would be all the break they needed.                                                      a31A peep gathering.

Mom and a cat by the name of Walt Disney hit it off and walked the grounds together.

catwalt       Walt walked mom around to the cat cemetary.  All the cats have at least 6 toes, some have 7 toes.  All the cat occupants of Hemingway House have names of famous peeps.

cemetaryHere is the list at the cemetery of kitties that have left Hemingway House for good.  They all earned their wings and have gone to kitty hunting/playing grounds..

The second half of this post will pop up Monday.  This post seems to be rather wordy for mom so she’s giving everyone time to absorb the info.                                            Kali and Shoks

Till Monday.



23 thoughts on “Trippin’ On The Keys

  1. easyweimaraner

    wow your mom and dad found the house of that famous Hercule Poirot… I had no clue that he lives in FL now, but maybe he wanted to change rainy London with the sunshine state? It’s interesting to read the names of the cats… I love Mr. Betty Davis… I bet that was a cat with beautiful eyes :o)


  2. elainefaber4u

    Three of my four housecats have polydactyl toes. Amber and Truffie and Boots (the muse for Thumper in my cat mystery books. Thumper helps solve mysteries. It must be the magic in his extra toes.) I’d love to see Hemingway’s house. I wrote a blog post about him some time ago, which can be found at the URL below. Maybe you would find it interesting. Glad you’re having fun.


  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    kali & shoko !!!! how…..kewl….iz….thiz !!!! we noe yur mom & dad hada awwsum time at hemingway houz….& we lurned sum thin new two day….we did knot noe de catz waz named for sum one fame mouz { we dont get out much 🙂 thanx for sharin thiz !! ♥♥♥


  4. Deziz World

    Sounds like da peeps tried to put too much into one day and got a little snippy. MOL Least it wasn’t summertime and humidly unbreathable hot. MOL Can’t wait to read da rest.

    Luv ya’




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