Bloopers at Coke Headquarters

The bloopers are an addition to Bacon’s post at Piglove about mom and dad’s travels in the south.                                             shokcokeWell, here we have mom, once again.  June asked dad where mom was and Dad told her mom was alone in the corner drinking….she’s a silent drinker you know.

jeancrzmWell, there you have it my friends…mom can’t even sneak away for a private drinky poo without her secret being revealed. MOL

Kali and Shoks

Have a great day.

25 thoughts on “Bloopers at Coke Headquarters

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      MOL Squeeze a little lemon….bet that would be tasty. Mom usually buys diet Pepsi with lime and adds some more lime. This time she got diet Pepsi on sale and just added lime…she says it’s very good. Lemon she must try. I am a hat cat, Jean and thank you for the compliment.



    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You’re so right Lexi. Last time she tried to have a wee drinky poo, it went all over the Saudi Arabian man so she couldn’t get a drink then. A little quiet time for a slurp was all she needed. MOL




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