Happy Valentine’s Day


I just have to fine out what you’re getting Einey for Valentine’s Day Shoko.  The last I heard you couldn’t make up your mind between a real mousie or choclotate mices.  The anticipation is killing me.  Well, Kali I have decided to get Einey a live mousie and get the chocolate mice for Einey’s dad.  His dad is so special…he takes Einey and Timmy to all the events at Cat Scouts.  You know I got mom a few chocolate mice too…shhh…its a secret.                                                            mousecropped  Now, I have to go out and catch one and send it to Pencil-vain-eha.  You must send it by way of computer.  Then the mouse will make it in time for Valentine’s Day.  You mean this yucky little sucker will run up and down the wires till it gets to Einey’s?  Something like that Shoko.                                                                        choc miceI’m giving Einey a card I made all by myself without mom’s help.                                                                   Einey's valentine 2016You didn’t put any hearts or flowers on it, Shoks.  I really wanted to glue some nip to it but mom wouldn’t give me any.  She said Einey would never see it if I got my paws on some nip.  Let’s see your card to Buddy, Kali.  I worked my paws raw getting just the right feel for my mancat.                                                                    BudkalIt’s a beautiful card Kali!  Buddy will love it, I just know he will.  You have such gorgeous flowers….you outdid yourself sis.  Well, enough miawing my time away, I have a mouse to catch and throw on the computer wires.  Don’t worry I’ll tell her the mouse is virtual so she doesn’t have to throw it on the computer wires.  I want to see her catch one first,

Have a great Valentine’s Day my friends and keep your tail tucked around your legs to prevent a draft.                                                            Kali and Shoks


35 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Buddy Budd

    Oh mah Kali gal, yoo is sooo speshul to me yoo cant knowz. I wanted ta ask how ya liked our trip and here I find mah card an… an… oh meow ah tearin up, sniffle, sniffle. Hope ya still think ah yer big manly man-catz.
    Love yoo’z more than muchez.
    Your Manly Man Cat
    Buddy Budd

    Shoko my sweet. I had such a grand time in Bermuda with you I am still on cloud nine. Thank you fur such a sweet card my dear. We have yours on our bloggie too. Oh you make my heart pitta-pat pitta-pat


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Buddy! It’s so good to talk with you my blue bomb….I miss your furry warmth next to me. We are so special together….colourful even. Nothing like blue and flame colours together…hehe Your picture still adorns my basket, I look into your clear eyes everyday.
      Kitty kisses,

      Kali xoxox

      We make a grand pair of furs. You are so much fun and I have so many memories of the events we have attended. I still like the water event where Timmy went skiing and jumped up yelling COWABUNGA. We laughed at his ability to get right into the swing of the event. MOL What fun!
      You are my one and only floofy tailed mancat Einey.


      Your Shoo


      1. Nylabluesmum

        Mee noticed Kali has no nickyname Shoko…..mee has a few: Duderss; Littul Man an SIR…it iss so-o funny when LadyMum sayss ”SSSSIIIIRRRR” inn her sweet voice…mew mew mew……
        An yes mee beeluvved iss Purrincess PHOEBE ❤ *sighsss*
        Mee luvss her so berry much!!!!!!
        ***nose bumpsss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxxx


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Oh my…we don’t want to kill you. Come to Canada and we’ll give them to you…no charge! Just take a left at the Pacific Ocean and keep going until you come to a whole bunch of snow. The snow means you’re close to us, Follow the snow further when the snow starts turning to ice….you’re here. Then just look for a black faces Siamese. Voila…here you are.




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