Shoko’s Train Trip

Mom took a picture of this late, late blooming Clematis, Alpine Willy.  It’s suppose to bloom in the early spring…guess it got messed up. hehe                                                                alwilShoko is off to Cat Scouts tomorrow for her British Columbia Train Adventure.  This is the last trip she will be doing for the ThunderCats Patrol.  She is stepping down as Patrol Leader and the new Patrol Leader will be Pete Hartley.  Shoko says he is a fun guy and will add a little extra dynamic to the ThunderCats.                                                                             RH on mat                                                        conductorshokoHave a great weekend my friends and if you can come to Cat Scouts and see me and my friends, we’d love it.  We’re holding our trip by The Campfire from noon to 5 pm EST.  Press Cat Scouts

Kali Orange

Shoko Black                                                                           

24 thoughts on “Shoko’s Train Trip

  1. cb

    Totally cool steam locomotive. I also notice the diesel locomotive behind it. I wonder if it is for emergency backup of if they just don’t want to stress the old steam lady too much. (Might blow a gasket?)


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Good catch cb. Perhaps they carry the diesel around as a back up. This trip is very expensive so mom hasn’t taken it. Still waiting for the lottery winnings or the lucky ticket to get the winnings. hehe



      1. Pawcific Purrsea

        That’s why my human hasn’t taken it either but would love to one day. When she was 7, her and her mom took the train from here in BC to Ontario and she love it. Maybe one day she says. Have a fun train ride Shoko…enjoy! =^,,^=


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