Gifts From Across the Sea

The mail lady rang the doorbell….quick run UTB.   Who was the package from Kali? I don’t know ….let me go seeHey, it’s from Easy in France.  Really?  That’s awesome……all the way from France.  C’mon mom, hurry and open it.     Oh look there’s Fozziemum’s picture of a kangaroo on the card.  That’s right Easy won some of Fozziemum’s cards,  Now we have one too.   Flat Shoko will be spending Christmas with Easy and his staff.  Cool!                                                                 Look at the Oktoberfest stuffs.  Woah!  Let me get your picture Kali.  Don’t fidget.

You really suit that hat Kali….you look like a German in your Oktoberfest gear.  Now, let’s see you put more energy into modelling your outfit.                                                                   Better Kali.  At least you’re more awake.

Now for Cow-Kitty:

We had to cheat and pizap his hat on him.  He was very uncooperative.  Doesn’t he look like Harry Potter?  He just needs a pair of glasses.

OK Shoks we’ve all had our pictures done except you.  Your turn.

MOL  Once again you look totally ticked Shoko.  I guess I just look that way Kali.

Dad has a great photo.

Mom doesn’t look so good as a fun loving Oktoberfest person.  She would look much better as a witch with a cauldron.

Notice the pearl necklace she’s wearing.  Sorry but the earrings have Beatrice’s name on them.  Beatrice will be back from her modelling assignment for Christmas.  So we thank you Easy and staff for her.

Mom is looking through the Halloween ornaments for her cauldron. I hear her now…..hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Night all.







41 thoughts on “Gifts From Across the Sea

  1. easyweimaraner

    you look like the pawfect Oktoberfest guests! I agree the hat would make a great witch hat too… maybe you can create some bavarian spells that way? Bet they all end with beer in your cauldron LOL


  2. onespoiledcat

    How super swell of Easy and his Staff to send you such a wonderful box of Oktoberfest FUN! I think you all look grand in that hat and festive flowery necklace thingie. Easy is the BEST!

    Love, Sammy


  3. Fozziemum

    Oh what a lovely gift from Easy sweeties and all look so festive 🙂 🙂 Dad and Mum looks super cute indeed 🙂 and so happy to see my roo there at your house ..goodness i feel special 🙂 big loves you crazy hat wearing folk 🙂 Fozziemum xx


  4. Fozziemum

    Well i hope this comment gets through sweeties..i have been having all look so cute and festive and that is super sweet of Easy 🙂 and i love seeing my roos at your home..i am so glad you are having fun dressing up hahahahah 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


      1. Fozziemum

        Phew WP is playing up…all over sweeties..comments not coming in or going out..yikes…Easy is a good friend to share and so glad you like the roo card 🙂 loves to you all Fozziemum xxx


  5. kandykid

    Awh, Shok’s, mom is to a witch, even if she thinks she is, thanks, Easy, the Octoberfest stuff arrived just in time for Octoberfest here in the North, it was great fun. Dad.


  6. Sxa-nu-xa

    Wowwzers! Look at the cool Octoberfest stuff and yous looks like cute little frauleins,. Mes is the happiest cat in the world right now. Not only is mes getting to sleeps in my favorite spot (cuddled up to Mommy’s chest) but Mommy is also letting mes visits all my furrends! Is that not the bestest!!!
    Dear Furrends
    Kiss X Kiss X oh and one for your Mom Kiss X


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Wooopee! So good to hear from you Nellie! I have missed my friend, another cat from hell. I’m so glad you will be visiting your mom for awhile. I was so upset when you left my wee heart took a beating but I know you will stop by when you can.


  7. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Oh my! See mom, I told you that their would be problems. We had terrible difficulties with the pictures for this post so mom deleted some of the media pictures. She deleted the one of me in the hat and flowered garland. She has since put it back but I don’t know if that will make a difference. So sorry. That was a goof up on mom’s part of course.



  8. Nylabluesmum

    Oh Cuss-innss Shoko an Kalie did you READ yur Mumma’ss Tee-shirt??? Mew mew mew….it iss grate!!!!
    An conkatss on reeceevin a card frum aunty Bev! Shee iss pawsum an thee giftss are fun an fab!!!!
    You both look so snazzy dressed up an Cow Kitty doess look like Mistur harry 😉
    Have a good day an lotss of fun!!
    Cuss-inn Dharth Henry =^,.^=


  9. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Sun Studios!! Mom says Elvis sang his first recording there. She seemed happy about it. So I guess he was suppose to sing. Not like our singing in the middle of the night. Nobody seems to think our singing is good. Picky picky peeps.




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