Guess Who Came Home?!

The Rock gang is in their Georgian home. They’ll be missed like crazy. They had fun here and are ready for a new adventure.


Bashful, Chip, Willow and Sky!

I have missed my boys, Bashful and Chip, so very much for the last couple of weeks.  Thank goodness Chip didn’t have any accidents and both behaved themselves while they were visiting our friends Kali and Sholo – the Canadian Cats – in Canada.  They came home a couple of days ago in a box that mom got from the mailbox.  We could hear the party going on in the box and we were all trying our best to open the box.  With mom’s arthritis and dad’s vision problems, we called in back-up in the forms of myself and Houdini.  Eventually, the box was opened. Bashful and Chip jumped out and started talking and giving rockhugs. Then, Willow and Sky were persuaded out of the box.

All of the rock clan were lined up to meet them with hellos and hugs. Everyone was so excited…

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11 thoughts on “Guess Who Came Home?!

  1. Cathy Keisha

    I think they’re glad to be home but they miss you and Kali..
    Sure you can enter my giveaway for a U.S. pal and my tiny non-U.S. giveaway for yourself. It isn’t much cos postage is so high.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I know what you mean, the postage is outrageous. I got interested in peacock feathers after seeing you got one. The peacock feather was $3.58 and postage was $24.84. Bwa wa! Not going to happen. We must have peacock feathers up here in the great white north.


  2. The Canadian Cats Post author

    We do miss them Ellen. It’s so quiet around here. We know they’re happy and with good peeps that will help Sky accomplish her dreams and Willow can apply first aid to the Thompson family.



  3. Piglove

    They have been talking non-stop about their trip there my friends. What a BLAST!! We are setting Sky in school this week – how exciting! I tell you – these rocks know how to roll! XOXO – Bacon


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      We sure enjoyed their visit and getting to know and help the Barkerville stones. The Stone family was awesome. I hear the song going around in my head now, “We are fam- i-lee. MOL

      (((Shoko and mom)))


      1. Piglove

        Snorts and rolls with laughter. Well they certainly were having fun and singing along the other night. They had a rock party Saturday night and stayed up late talking and dancing. It was a vision to behold for sure. XOXO – Bacon


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